Treating Different Problems Related To Your Pets

Pets are one of​ the​ most unselfish beings in​ anyone’s household. So treating them when any problem arises is​ one of​ the​ most important things to​ do by any pet owner.

- When your Pet gets Stung

• if​ your pet is​ stung remove the​ stinger with tweezers,​ this increases his/her chances of​ survival with the​ removal of​ the​ venomous stinger.

• the​ stung area can get some relief with the​ use baking soda and water solution.

• to​ reduce the​ swelling apply ice pack covered with a​ thin towel over the​ affected area. Do it​ within every five minutes.

- For Skin Irritation

• if​ your pet has suffered insect bites,​ hot spots or​ other skin problems you​ can dab some milk of​ magnesia to​ soothe and calm the​ irritated skin.

• Apply aloe vera gel over the​ affected area. if​ you​ have aloe vera plant you​ can cut the​ leaf and use it​ as​ a​ soothing gel.

• Apply organic apple cider vinegar over the​ irritated skin.

• For hot spots you​ can use witch hazel for a​ continuous period of​ time.

• For itchy skin and paws you​ can bathe your pet in​ Epsom salt solution. in​ 2 cups of​ warm water mix 1 teaspoon Epsom salt.

• you​ can make a​ home-made spray to​ treat any skin problems. Use 3 capsules of​ sage,​ 1/4 teaspoon of​ Epsom salt and 2 cups of​ water. Boil this solution and let it​ cool. After straining,​ store this solution in​ spray bottle and keep it​ in​ the​ refrigerator.

- Other Problems

• Emu oil is​ can be used for many problems such as​ ringworms,​ flea bites,​ bee stings,​ rashes,​ hot spots and laceration.

• if​ your pet has been poisoned notify the​ vet immediately.

• if​ the​ pet has swallowed any toxic substance except for caustic substances,​ getting him to​ vomit,​ this would reduce the​ danger.

• if​ the​ pet has ingested alkaline substance such as​ cleanser or​ kerosene,​ vomiting would not be a​ good solution. Instead give 3 teaspoon vinegar or​ lemon juice diluted in​ equal amounts of​ water.

• if​ a​ battery has been ingested which is​ acidic,​ 1 tsp milk of​ magnesia,​ per 5 Lbs. of​ pet.

• if​ your pup has diarrhea and adult dog suffers with soft stool problem you​ can add canned pumpkin in​ their diet.

• a​ very common problem in​ pets is​ loss of​ vision caused mainly due to​ cataract. a​ very useful flower called cineraria has been known to​ reduce the​ size of​ cataract as​ well as​ minimize its existence. With the​ help of​ tincture,​ dilute 1/2 saline (to be purchased) and 1/2 cineraria to​ make eye drops. a​ daily dosage of​ 2 drops for 3 months can help to​ solve this problem.

• if​ your pet has lost his or​ her sense of​ smell,​ a​ nutritious meal can just be the​ right motivator. Feed your pet a​ rich and nutritious diet which improves the​ keen sense of​ smell. Warm canned food without salt,​ but with a​ dash of​ garlic powder is​ a​ good way to​ improve that smell.

Warning: the​ reader of​ this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on​ the​ home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of​ these products if​ you​ are allergic to​ it. the​ responsibility lies with the​ reader and not with the​ site or​ the​ writer.
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