Travel To Orlando Worlds Beyond Walts Wildest Wishes

Today’s Orlando conjures images of​ fabled societies and a​ well known 2-dimensional mouse; however,​ the​ low-lying city near Florida’s Atlantic Coast has done much more to​ diversify its image since its backwater orange growing days. ‘Worlds’ and ‘Lands’ of​ the​ extreme and ultimate fictional reality are interlaced with Florida’s booming tech-science industry and a​ handful of​ significant cultural points of​ interest. Most attractions are not located in​ Orlando’s central metropolitan area and it​ is​ therefore advisable and in​ most cases necessary to​ rent a​ car during your stay.

Orlando has humble beginnings as​ an​ American military base staking out the​ Floridian peninsula against Native Americans. the​ Seminole Indians fought in​ 3 wars against the​ settling United States Government until they were effectively defeated in​ the​ 1850s. Orlando’s military significance stretches into modern day with its proximity to​ both Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and the​ Kennedy Space Center.

With Just One Thought…
Walt Disney completed Walt Disney World in​ 1971,​ ushering in​ a​ new era that would make Orlando the​ 4th most popular destination for foreign travelers to​ the​ United States and earn Orlando the​ ranking as​ the​ city with the​ second highest number of​ hotel rooms in​ the​ country! Walt Disney World is​ complete with four theme parks,​ two water parks,​ eight golf courses,​ hotels,​ shops and restaurants,​ making it​ the​ largest privately owned tourist destination in​ the​ world. After 1971,​ a​ multitude of​ other and,​ some say,​ better theme parks sprouted in​ Orlando. SeaWorld and Gatorland are popular hotspots,​ as​ well as​ the​ not-so-typical World of​ Orchids,​ where thousands of​ the​ blooming beauties are enclosed inside an​ enchanting tropical rainforest. Discovery Cove is​ a​ more hands-on approach to​ SeaWorld,​ where visitors can snorkel among typical reef creatures including stingrays and dolphins or​ hang with the​ exotic birds in​ the​ aviary.

On your journey back from Fantasy Land to​ reality,​ be sure to​ check out the​ Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in​ adjacent Daytona. Tour the​ launch areas,​ view the​ impressive observatory and witness real space flight simulators. Wekiwa Springs State Park offers a​ refreshing break from the​ constant sensory overload. Take an​ afternoon to​ rent a​ canoe or​ go for a​ revitalizing swim. Additionally,​ Orlando has the​ second highest number of​ lakes for a​ metropolitan region in​ the​ U.S.,​ making it​ extremely easy to​ get a​ breath of​ fresh air or​ to​ enjoy a​ more serene and tangible substitute for water parks. For a​ little dining and nightlife,​ enjoy the​ buzz of​ Church Street Station. Lastly,​ earn your final dose of​ non-fiction at​ the​ Orlando Science Center before plunging back into fanciful frolicking. the​ Center is​ a​ spectacularly innovative audiovisual extravaganza focused on​ current and historic scientific milestones and is​ far more relevant and interesting than the​ EPCOT Center.

An Escape to​ Yourself
Orlando is​ the​ place to​ leave your worries and cares at​ the​ door. Visit this magical wonderland of​ creativity while enjoying your family,​ your children,​ your parents or​ simply the​ person who wants to​ be awakened inside yourself. Travel to​ Orlando and experience all it​ has to​ offer.
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