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Frank Sinatra knew what he was singing about when he declared that he was going to​ be a​ part of​ it​ in​ New York. New York City is​ the​ queen of​ metropolitan life and the​ quintessence of​ globalized heritage. From the​ sensory excitement of​ Times Square’s King Kong-sized interactive plasma screens to​ the​ serene greenery of​ Central Park’s 850 acres,​ every aspect of​ New York life has been nurtured with exacting detail.

When you​ travel to​ New York,​ you’ll quickly realize that New York’s culture is​ an​ integral component to​ the​ social heritage of​ the​ United States,​ as​ nearly one out of​ every four Americans can trace their family genealogy back to​ Brooklyn at​ some point in​ time and one in​ thirty-seven Americans lives in​ New York Metropolitan Area. Ellis Island and the​ Statue of​ Liberty are both very popular among visitors,​ especially those interested in​ family immigration records or​ how America as​ a​ true “melting pot” was established. the​ borough of​ Brooklyn happens to​ be the​ most ethnically diverse county in​ the​ United States,​ while New York as​ a​ whole represents over 180 nations.

Cosmopolitan Capital with Charisma
You’ll need far more than a​ New York minute with more patience than a​ New York attitude to​ fully indulge in​ the​ exciting and delightful offerings of​ the​ city. New York is​ centered in​ Manhattan,​ which is​ the​ main urban,​ cultural,​ intellectual and commercial hub. the​ 4 other incorporated boroughs are Queens (home to​ the​ Mets and the​ U.S. Open),​ the​ Bronx (home of​ the​ Yankees),​ Brooklyn (infamous for the​ fun and bizarre attractions of​ Coney Island),​ and Staten Island (connected to​ Manhattan by the​ largest suspension bridge in​ the​ U.S.).

Experience the​ heart of​ American theater at​ a​ Broadway or​ off-Broadway show and if​ you​ can fit it​ in,​ an​ opportunity to​ attend a​ classical performance at​ Carnegie Hall is​ priceless. Enjoy one of​ the​ world’s premier opera companies at​ the​ Metropolitan Opera House while at​ the​ same time visiting the​ Lincoln Center,​ one of​ the​ largest arts and culture complexes on​ the​ planet. in​ Central Park,​ the​ Metropolitan Museum of​ Art is​ a​ gloriously shining reminder that New York is​ not only home to​ the​ world’s classics,​ but to​ an​ established and burgeoning society of​ independent artists and galleries worth exploration. Spend some time perusing art in​ Chelsea or​ catching the​ latest wave of​ music on​ the​ Lower East Side.

Layers beneath the​ Landmarks: Travel to​ New York
Beyond New York’s countless famous landmarks,​ there is​ an​ intense depth of​ culture and society that defines the​ city and draws an​ endless stream of​ people to​ this exciting energy year after year. Neighborhoods like Little Italy may have lost some of​ their residents to​ commercialism,​ but there is​ still no better place to​ get cannelloni and some tiramisu. New York hosts some of​ the​ world’s best established restaurants and nightclubs and its bohemian culture is​ a​ pioneer through diversity. Even better,​ you​ can travel and explore New York City with peace of​ mind knowing that today it​ has the​ lowest crime rate of​ America’s 25 largest cities. Travel to​ New York and see it​ all.
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