Travel To London For An Unforgettable Experience

London is​ one of​ the​ cultural capitals of​ Europe and has loads of​ sightseeing and activities for tourists of​ all ages. There are an​ innumerable amount of​ things to​ see and do in​ London but here are some “must see” sights that shouldn’t be left out of​ your travel itinerary.

The British Museum is​ vast and is​ so big that seeing everything in​ one day is​ near impossible. the​ Greek and Egyptian exhibits are especially impressive and are considered by some to​ be the​ best permanent museum installations of​ their kind.

The British Airways London Eye can be seen from all over central London; it​ is​ the​ tallest observation wheel in​ the​ world. Views from this wheel are impressive to​ say the​ least and it​ will give you​ a​ better orientation for your remaining sightseeing.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is​ over 300 years old and remains a​ spiritual landmark for Great Brittan. it​ has hosted weddings and funerals for Great Brittan’s royalty and leaders. the​ architecture is​ impressive and a​ beautiful piece of​ history.

The National Gallery located at​ Trafalgar Square is​ another must see that is​ impossible to​ cover in​ just one visit. the​ art contained at​ the​ National Gallery ranges from Leonardo da Vinci to​ Monet and is​ sure to​ impress even those who are not art savvy.

The London Zoo at​ Regents Park is​ home to​ an​ impressive amount of​ animals and is​ a​ big draw for families with children. There are daily animal shows and it​ is​ so large that two days should be given to​ see the​ entire park.

Another gallery that is​ sure to​ interest all ages is​ the​ Tate Modern Museum. the​ art installations use different kinds of​ mediums and range from Andy Warhol to​ Matisse. the​ building itself is​ a​ work of​ art and is​ a​ “must see” on​ your trip to​ London.

The Tower of​ London is​ another sight not to​ be missed. it​ was built of​ bricks imported from France and is​ most popular for its many executions. it​ was even dubbed the​ “bloody tower” after it​ was speculated that Richard III murdered his nephews there.

Another museum to​ take in​ is​ the​ Natural History Museum which contains one of​ the​ world’s largest collections of​ dinosaur fossils. This is​ another big hit with the​ children but is​ sure to​ impress adults as​ well.

If you’re in​ the​ mood for a​ fun and frightful experience do not miss the​ Madame Tussaud’s Experience. It’s a​ wax museum full of​ ghoulish figures; some of​ them are electronically animated which adds to​ the​ excitement.

Finally a​ trip to​ London would not be the​ same without a​ visit to​ Westminster Abbey which has become one of​ London’s most stunning churches. it​ is​ not only an​ architectural masterpiece but it​ is​ also the​ burial place for many famous figures.

London is​ a​ fun and exciting city for all ages. Ensure you​ include as​ many “must see” sights as​ possible to​ get the​ full London experience and the​ most out of​ your vacation.
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