Travel To London And Dont Miss A Thing

Each visit to​ London is​ more rewarding than the​ next. This cultural city center is​ packed with history and art,​ parks and beauty. you​ can absorb a​ lot just by driving through the​ city streets in​ a​ taxi cab,​ but make sure that on​ your vacation you​ visit these ten places on​ foot before you​ leave.

1. the​ British Museum has millions of​ items and artifacts to​ peruse. What started as​ Sir Hans Sloan’s collection of​ 71,​000 items in​ 1753 has blossomed into one of​ the​ biggest storehouses of​ ancient artifacts in​ the​ world. Best of​ all,​ admission to​ this venerable museum remains free of​ charge.

2. Saint Paul’s Cathedral is​ one of​ Great Britain’s most beautiful spiritual centers. Although it​ is​ a​ historic building (rebuilt in​ 1666 after the​ Great London Fire),​ it​ is​ still home to​ modern weddings and funerals. Living members of​ British royalty and national leaders have held ceremonies there.

3. the​ Tower of​ London is​ a​ fascinating step back into time. Here,​ you​ can be horrified by the​ dungeons and you​ can marvel at​ the​ Queen’s Jewels. Try not to​ imagine too much of​ the​ Tower’s deadly history though,​ or​ you​ might have nightmares.

4. the​ Natural History Museum is​ a​ great place to​ take children,​ because of​ its treasure trove of​ dinosaur bones. Kids and adults alike will love roaming the​ halls of​ this museum,​ checking out its many collections in​ its gothic hallways.

5. Westminster Abbey is​ one of​ London’s most famous and beautiful churches,​ but it​ is​ most famous for its dead residents. Take a​ walking tour of​ the​ abbey and hear about all the​ famous literati who are buried within its walls.

6. the​ Tate Modern is​ the​ best place to​ see modern art in​ London. the​ Tate houses paintings by such 20th century masters as​ Matisse,​ Warhol,​ Bacon,​ and many more.

7. the​ London Zoo houses over 12,​000 animals within its gates. This is​ not one of​ the​ world’s most famous zoos for no reason. There are so many animals,​ that you​ cannot see them all in​ one day. Plan on​ taking a​ few trips to​ absorb all the​ fauna.

8. the​ British Airways London Eye is​ an​ observation wheel high above the​ city that allows visitors to​ London to​ get a​ bird’s eye view of​ the​ landscape below. the​ Eye is​ host to​ millions of​ visitors a​ year and is​ the​ best way for a​ tourist to​ get the​ lay of​ the​ land. Sightseeing will be much more fun once you​ have seen the​ whole city from above.

9. the​ National Gallery is​ a​ museum of​ both ancient and modern masters. you​ can spend hours roaming through the​ halls of​ this 19th century museum. Its location is​ also ideal – you​ can find the​ National Gallery in​ the​ center of​ Trafalgar Square.

10. the​ Madame Tussaud’s Experience is​ one that can’t be missed when you​ travel to​ London. This is​ as​ close as​ a​ tourist can get to​ living history. Historical people and events are recreated in​ wax and animatronics. Be prepared to​ be surprised and enthralled by their realistic qualities.
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