Travel To Japan And Experience The Far East

If you're determined to​ explore Asia but unsure which country to​ visit,​ you​ might want to​ set your sites on​ Far East Asia and travel to​ Japan. Here is​ some general but useful information that is​ good to​ know when you​ travel Japan. it​ will help you​ get a​ better understanding of​ Japan before your trip and allow you​ to​ experience Japan more comfortably.

About the​ Country
Japan consists of​ four main islands and several smaller ones. Together the​ islands take the​ shape of​ a​ sea horse and occupy an​ area of​ 377,​435 square kms. Tokyo,​ the​ capital city,​ is​ very modern and bustling with activity,​ so when you​ travel to​ Japan,​ be ready for a​ few crowds. the​ landscape of​ Japan,​ away from the​ big cities,​ is​ mountainous with spectacular scenery; some of​ the​ mountains are volcanic. Mt. Fuji is​ the​ tallest mountain in​ Japan,​ and is​ known for its symmetrical slopes.

About the​ Climate
When you​ travel to​ Japan,​ it's important to​ know the​ country's seasons and when they occur during the​ year. the​ islands of​ Japan lie in​ the​ temperate and at​ the​ northeastern end of​ the​ monsoon area. the​ climate is​ generally mild,​ although it​ varies considerably from place to​ place when you​ travel Japan. Summer,​ which is​ warm and mild,​ begins around the​ middle of​ July following a​ rainy season that usually lasts for a​ month. Except in​ northern Japan the​ winter is​ mild with many sunny days. Spring and autumn are the​ best seasons of​ the​ year with balmy days and bright sunshine.

About the​ People
Before you​ depart to​ travel Japan,​ it's a​ good idea to​ get a​ sense of​ the​ people and their culture. Japan is​ one of​ the​ most densely populated nations in​ the​ world,​ with some 330 persons per square kilometer (almost 860 persons per sq. mi.). the​ Japanese are a​ Mongoloid people,​ closely related to​ the​ major groups of​ East Asia. However,​ some evidence also exists of​ a​ mixture with Malayan and Caucasoid strains. About 750,​000 Koreans and much smaller groups of​ Chinese and Caucasians reside in​ Japan.

Religious Beliefs
When you​ travel Japan,​ you​ will be exposed to​ a​ new world of​ religious and personal beliefs. Buddhism is​ important in​ Japan's religious life and has strongly influenced fine arts,​ social institutions,​ and philosophy. Most Japanese consider themselves members of​ one of​ the​ major Buddhist sects.

Shintoism is​ an​ indigenous religion founded on​ myths,​ legends,​ and ritual practices of​ the​ early Japanese. Neither Buddhism nor Shintoism is​ an​ exclusive religion. Most Japanese observe both Buddhist and Shinto rituals: the​ former for funerals and the​ latter for births,​ marriages,​ and other occasions. Confucianism,​ primarily an​ ethical system,​ profoundly influences Japanese thought as​ well.

About 1.3 million people in​ Japan are Christians,​ of​ whom 60% are Protestant and 40% Roman Catholic.
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