Travel To Ireland Celtic Lore And Pub Camaraderie

The signature rolling green pastures of​ Ireland's landscape is​ enough to​ resuscitate the​ weary traveler back to​ life with calming beauty and refreshing hospitality. From strange stone formations to​ thousand-year-old churches,​ Ireland's countryside is​ a​ patchwork of​ some of​ the​ most intriguing remnants of​ a​ unique but turbulent history,​ not to​ mention the​ sprinkling of​ jubilantly jolly pubs that will have you​ singing folk songs with a​ signature Irish dark ale in​ your hand in​ no time.

Most fascinating of​ Irish travel is​ the​ evidence of​ ancient Celtic civilization and their Viking invaders in​ the​ form of​ stone circles,​ monoliths and mounds. Burial mounds,​ known as​ Court Cairns and Tumuli,​ can be found all over the​ countryside. One such ruin in​ the​ Silvermines Mountains has lost its covering over time and the​ many stone chambers inside are now visible. the​ most impressive stone circle is​ the​ Lios in​ Limerick,​ which dates back to​ 2000 BCE and is​ given a​ distinctly eerie feel by the​ area's abundant overgrowth and crooked trees. the​ giant circle is​ 150 feet in​ diameter and attached to​ a​ long stone-lined path that leads to​ two other smaller circles in​ the​ area.

Location,​ Location,​ Location
Part of​ the​ magic of​ Ireland is​ that booking a​ 5 star hotel can turn out to​ be the​ equivalent of​ residing in​ the​ King's quarters of​ a​ 300 year old castle. the​ Ashford Castle in​ County Mayo is​ one such place where guests may fine tune their equestrian skills in​ the​ countryside,​ pick up a​ few games of​ tennis or​ enjoy full spa services. There is​ no question that Ireland's countryside is​ best enjoyed from one of​ the​ many castles or​ bed & breakfasts. When you​ travel to​ Ireland,​ a​ visit should be paid to​ Leap Castle,​ but not an​ overnight one,​ as​ it​ has earned the​ fame of​ being the​ most haunted castle in​ Europe. Discover the​ strange and gruesome 400-year history of​ this tormented mansion and its "Bloody Chapel."

After leaving the​ haunted halls,​ soak in​ some classic Irish scenery to​ settle your stomach by ascending the​ trails of​ Mount Brandon. Far below,​ the​ longest stretch of​ sandy beach in​ Ireland comes in​ and out of​ view and high up in​ the​ mountains you​ will encounter steep cliffs that drop down to​ a​ lake-filled valley. the​ surrounding Dingle Peninsula is​ home to​ two picturesque seaside villages nestled against the​ rising peaks overlooking Brandon Bay. Another coastal adventure not to​ be missed is​ the​ Cliffs of​ Moher in​ County Clare. These dramatically plunging sea cliffs are heavily visited and therefore best enjoyed in​ the​ evening while the​ sun is​ setting on​ the​ water and the​ waves of​ the​ Atlantic are crashing thunderously into the​ rocks below.

Not All Enya
Ireland has long been pushing the​ envelope of​ modern music and culture. an​ Irish vacation is​ not complete without experiencing Dublin's revolutionary rock scene or​ residing in​ Galway to​ find out what's new in​ jazz,​ literature and art during one of​ the​ many festivals held from February through August. Remember,​ this lovely Celtic island happens to​ be the​ home of​ U2,​ the​ Cranberries and Van Morrison. For more information,​ visit,​ your source for cheap airfare on​ the​ web.
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