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Different cultures,​ customs,​ backgrounds,​ languages,​ sights,​ sounds,​ smells,​ cuisine,​ clothing,​ products,​ attitudes,​ await the​ world traveler. There are so many things to​ experience,​ it’s difficult to​ decide which aspect of​ your trip was the​ most sensational or​ enlightening. Traveling the​ world will enrich your life in​ too many ways to​ describe in​ just one article,​ so here we will focus on​ a​ part of​ the​ world called India.

First of​ all,​ for the​ geographically challenged of​ you​ out there,​ India is​ located in​ South Asia. it​ has 7000 kilometers of​ coastline on​ the​ Indian Ocean,​ the​ third largest body of​ water in​ the​ world. Three islands are near India,​ Sri Lanka,​ Indonesia,​ and the​ Maldives. India also shares borders with China,​ Bhutan,​ Nepal,​ Bangladesh,​ Pakistan,​ and Myanmar. it​ should also be mentioned that there is​ also a​ disputed border with Afghanistan,​ but that’s another topic for another article.

Much like the​ United States,​ India has 28 states,​ that each have their own elected governments. There are some differences though,​ India has the​ National Territory of​ Dehli and 6 Union Territories. China currently has a​ larger population than India,​ however by 2030,​ India is​ expected to​ surpass Chain and become the​ most populated country in​ the​ world.

There are many beautiful rivers in​ India. the​ Ganges River,​ (Ganga or​ Holy Ganga,​ in​ India) is​ the​ largest and most well known of​ them,​ and is​ located in​ Northern India. the​ Ganga Basin has a​ huge population. the​ land is​ extremely fertile and it​ is​ said that one out of​ every 12 people in​ the​ world live there. you​ can also see Irrawaddy Dolphin in​ the​ river,​ as​ well as​ another species called the​ ganga River Dolphin. Another interesting note is​ that there is​ a​ rare freshwater shark found in​ the​ river that has not much is​ known about. Other major rivers in​ India include the​ Krishna,​ the​ Brahmaputra,​ the​ Kaveri,​ the​ Yamuna,​ and the​ Godavari.

The mountain range that you​ will find covering the​ northern states is​ called the​ Himalayas. Central and the​ rest of​ the​ northern and eastern parts of​ India consist of​ very fertile flatlands called the​ Indo-Gangetic Plain. Southern India is​ a​ peninsula and made up mostly from the​ Deccan Plateau with two hilly regions called the​ Western and Eastern Ghats. Last,​ but not least,​ near India’s border with Pakistan lies the​ Thar Desert.

There are also three archipelagos in​ India. in​ West Bengal you​ find the​ Sunderbans,​ Lakshadweep on​ the​ southwest coast,​ and a​ chain of​ volcanic islands in​ the​ southeast called the​ Nicobar and Andaman Islands.

India has been a​ country for many centuries and it’s rich culture and heritage has been preserved for the​ most part. While traveling in​ India,​ you​ will be exposed to​ some of​ the​ most wonderful cultural monuments in​ the​ world. India’s culture is​ partly created from invaders and immigrants who have arrived here over the​ years. the​ Taj Mahal and other examples of​ Islamic Architecture are left over from the​ Mughal Dynasty that ruled between 1526 and 1857.

India is​ made up of​ a​ large variety of​ people. There are a​ large number of​ different languages,​ cultures and religions. Education in​ India has been improving dramatically in​ recent years and is​ a​ source of​ great pride for the​ families of​ young people who attend the​ universities there. Traditions that have survived for centuries are held sacred by families here and should be respected when traveling there.

There are many religious ceremonies and festivals held in​ public in​ India that you​ shouldn’t miss during your trip. Harvest festivals for many of​ the​ different religions of​ India are attended by everyone,​ even those of​ differing faiths. During the​ Buddhist New Year (the first full moon in​ May),​ the​ Tibetan Buddhist Community in​ Sikkum performs the​ mystic Gumpa Dance and is​ a​ must see if​ you​ plan to​ travel to​ India during that time. in​ the​ Autumn months,​ two of​ the​ most prominent harvest festivals are the​ Ganesh Chaturthi and the​ Maharastra are fantastic experiences to​ add to​ your itinerary if​ you​ would like to​ experience religious ceremonies,​ which are a​ major part of​ Indian culture.

Another large part of​ Indian culture is​ their music. There are many types of​ music to​ be found during your travels to​ India. Some of​ the​ most interesting music is​ the​ folk music you​ will find as​ you​ travel through different parts of​ India. There are also interpretive dances that are performed by the​ people there. They tell epic stories based on​ Indian legends and are very spiritual and devotional. There is​ a​ lot of​ popular music as​ well,​ including Filmi Music and two well known forms of​ classical music you​ might hear are Hindustani and Carnatic Music.

Despite popular opinion,​ there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights to​ be had in​ India. Bhel puri,​ a​ puffed rice dish,​ usually with spices added and served on​ deep fried puris,​ a​ wheat bread,​ is​ a​ popular snack often sold on​ the​ roadside. the​ staple foods of​ India are ones made from rice or​ wheat,​ but a​ wide variety of​ cuisine is​ available to​ you​ as​ you​ travel through different regions. Different types of​ spices and sweets are available and used in​ the​ dishes they prepare in​ each area. Sweets and spicy food is​ very popular in​ all of​ India.

While shopping for antiques,​ clothing,​ fabrics,​ and other items,​ in​ alleyways and open markets alike,​ one piece of​ advice,​ try to​ take a​ local citizen or​ guide with you​ to​ make sure you​ are buying authentic pieces. you​ will find the​ hand-carved wood artifacts and sandalwood carvings amazing. the​ woodcarvers are very talented. India is​ of​ course also famous for its hand-rolled incense. you​ will want to​ bring some back with you. the​ fragrances are unique and the​ incense is​ of​ great quality if​ you​ find the​ right shops.

There is​ also a​ lot of​ silk and pure cotton clothing,​ but a​ few knockoffs as​ well,​ hence the​ warning to​ have someone from the​ local area guide you​ to​ the​ best shops and markets. Leather goods can be had in​ India for a​ fraction of​ the​ cost here,​ so if​ you​ like leather,​ go shopping!

A quick look at​ some of​ the​ sights you​ may want to​ visit while traveling to​ India before I finish this article. India is​ a​ beautiful country and its doubtful you​ can take in​ all the​ wonderful sights on​ just one trip.

The Pandavas Caves Temple in​ Goa is​ dedicated to​ the​ Lord Shiva and dates back to​ the​ 1st century.

The Rajabai Tower in​ Bombay is​ a​ clock tower of​ gothic designs that is​ 260 feet high. One of​ the​ curiosities of​ this gothic tower is​ that it​ is​ adorned with oriental figures. it​ chimes on​ every quarter hour and sounds like Big Ben in​ London. the​ university library,​ located under the​ tower,​ contains recently restored stain glass windows that are magnificent to​ look at​ and considered to​ be the​ most beautiful in​ all of​ Asia.

New Delhi is​ a​ beautiful city whose buildings have serene courtyards and are definitely one of​ the​ nicest attractions along with some of​ the​ finest museums in​ the​ country. New Dehli also sport many shops and boutiques that feature some of​ the​ best crafts India has to​ offer. New Dehli is​ definitly a​ place to​ go during your travels to​ India.

The Karnataka Folk Museum in​ Bangalore has displays of​ rare masks,​ artifacts,​ and costumes that are part of​ India’s rich history,​ as​ well as​ a​ collection of​ the​ folk music and videos of​ folk dances mentioned earlier in​ this article.

The Taj Mahal in​ Agra is​ of​ course one of​ the​ must see sights in​ India. it​ took 20,​000 laborers to​ build the​ Taj Mahal in​ the​ 1600s and has become a​ known landmark throughout the​ world. From the​ jail,​ to​ the​ dome,​ to​ the​ garden,​ the​ beauty of​ this building of​ both Hindu and Islamic design cannot be justified with words alone.

We hope we have added some useful information and ideas for your trip to​ India
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