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Greece is​ located on​ the​ tip of​ the​ Balkan Peninsula. Greece sits between the​ east and the​ west at​ the​ crossroad of​ three continents. Traveling to​ Greece can be a​ life changing experience for some. it​ is​ the​ birth place of​ history,​ philosophy,​ democracy and traditions such as​ the​ Olympics. Greece has been a​ melting pot of​ cultures and ideas for over 4,​000 years. Greece’s capital is​ Athens. Athens is​ a​ vivid example of​ a​ city that brings culture,​ antiquity,​ and modernity together in​ a​ mystifying mixture of​ its past,​ as​ well as​ its recent heritage. Athens is​ comprised by numerous suburbs which play a​ key role in​ the​ unfolding of​ its uniqueness as​ a​ historical city,​ but as​ well as​ a​ major modern actor in​ areas varying from science to​ trade. Athenian architecture can bewilder even the​ most experienced eye,​ with buildings representing eras such as​ the​ Greco-Roman,​ Neo-Classical and modern periods of​ Greek history. the​ greatest and finest sanctuary of​ both modern and ancient Athens as​ well as​ Greece,​ dedicated primarily to​ Athens’s patron,​ the​ goddess Athena,​ dominates the​ centre of​ the​ city from the​ rocky cliff known as​ the​ Acropolis. the​ monuments of​ the​ Acropolis,​ literally translated into “the edge of​ the​ city”,​ stand in​ complete harmony with their natural setting. Athens as​ well as​ Greece’s geo-strategic importance has been a​ dominant factor is​ shaping this country’s history and culture; a​ history of​ intrigue,​ war and tensions that has contributed to​ a​ culture defined by intensity,​ pride and an​ adaptive nature. For those who have visited Greece,​ the​ memories will live on​ for a​ lifetime. For those interested in​ visiting Greece,​ you​ must prepare for a​ life changing experience.
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