Travel To Greece The Greek Experience

Greece is​ situated in​ South-eastern Europe,​ positioned on​ the​ southern end of​ the​ Balkan Peninsula. the​ country lies at​ the​ meeting point of​ Europe,​ Asia and Africa. it​ is​ heir to​ the​ heritages of​ ancient Greece,​ the​ Roman and Byzantine Empire,​ and nearly four centuries of​ Ottoman rule. Greece is​ considered as​ the​ birthplace of​ democracy,​ Western philosophical thought,​ the​ Olympic Games,​ Western literature,​ political science,​ major scientific and mathematic principles,​ and Western theatrical drama including both tragedy and comedy. it​ is​ a​ country of​ beautiful contradictions,​ a​ constant journey in​ time,​ from the​ present to​ the​ past and back again. Walk through the​ olive groves,​ through ancient sites. Move to​ clusters of​ sparsely inhabited islands. Roam from the​ beaches to​ rocky mountainous terrains and explore breathtaking scenery. in​ Greece,​ you​ are standing at​ crossroads of​ cultures,​ colors and civilizations; you​ feel the​ grandeur of​ history and the​ warmth of​ being at​ the​ southernmost part of​ Europe. you​ can discover the​ evolving process of​ thought,​ influence and experience. a​ country with a​ uniquely affluent historical past,​ inhabited by people who gaze confidently and optimistically into their future. a​ country that although statistically small,​ is​ huge in​ its diversity. a​ landscape that has given us thousands of​ postcards images but remains incredibly vibrant and impossible to​ capture. a​ destination in​ which,​ each visitor can find his own special place in​ which to​ leave the​ body and mind to​ marvel. Greece is​ a​ country of​ beautiful contradictions,​ a​ constant journey in​ time,​ from the​ present to​ the​ past and back again. in​ Greece the​ mixture of​ images becomes more than just imagination and turns into reality. Greece has a​ particularly long and eventful history with a​ diverse cultural heritage that both shaped and has been shaped by cultures throughout the​ Middle East,​ North Africa and Europe. Through this vastness of​ historical peculiarities rises a​ significant symbol in​ which the​ country’s identity gets captured,​ the​ Acropolis of​ Athens. the​ greatest and finest sanctuary of​ both modern and ancient Athens,​ dedicated primarily to​ its patron,​ the​ goddess Athena,​ dominates the​ city’s centre. the​ Acropolis’ significance is​ captured through its position as​ a​ democratic emblem. the​ Acropolis is​ the​ one historical site you​ can't miss. a​ place on​ which democratic foundations were formulated and implemented,​ while surrounded by critical philosophical thought,​ the​ Acropolis is​ considered to​ be a​ cornerstone in​ the​ emergence of​ Western civilization. When visiting the​ Acropolis,​ sightseers informed of​ its history,​ will feel as​ captivated as​ if​ they were the​ first to​ discover the​ “Holy Grail”. While on​ the​ Acropolis you​ are left to​ admire the​ beautiful city of​ Athens in​ all of​ its glory,​ your mind can wonder back in​ time and you​ can imagine yourself as​ living as​ the​ ancient Athenians did. Being a​ part of​ something so important,​ even if​ for a​ brief afternoon,​ is​ definitely worth pursuing. Greece should be considered as​ a​ travel destination for everyone. you​ can lean from traveling to​ Greece,​ to​ this Mediterranean country. the​ history the​ people,​ the​ ideas and everything Greek culture stands for,​ will definitely change your perspective on​ life.
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