Travel To French Polynesia Getting Around And Climate

You can get to​ French Polynesia reasonably easily from most parts of​ the​ world. it​ appears inaccessible but that is​ simply the​ distances involved,​ and the​ length of​ the​ flight particularly if​ you​ are coming from Europe or​ the​ eastern Seaboard of​ the​ USA.

Airlines such Qantas,​ Air New Zealand,​ Air France,​ Hawaiian Air,​ all fly into Papeete to​ Faa Airport.

In terms of​ getting around the​ scattered island of​ French Polynesia,​ there are two ways,​ and that is​ by boat or​ by air.

Air Tahiti flies from Papeete to​ 42 airstrips in​ French Polynesia.

There are a​ number of​ inter island boats which run regularly between the​ main island groups,​ and this is​ an​ incredible way of​ getting around this part of​ the​ South Pacific. There are huge catamarans that run between Tahiti and Moorea,​ but of​ course with the​ pressures of​ modern life and the​ probability that your vacation will be two weeks only,​ then flying is​ the​ most likely option for most people.

On the​ other hand French Polynesia is​ probably a​ once in​ a​ lifetime vacation,​ and you​ will have been flying for around 24 hours if​ you​ have come from Europe,​ so at​ least a​ month would still not be long enough to​ see and do everything!! it​ would however give you​ the​ chance to​ travel around a​ little by boat.

On land in​ Tahiti and the​ more developed islands there is​ a​ local bus service which is​ cheap cheerful and pretty reliable. a​ much more expensive option are taxis,​ and you​ can rent cars scooters,​ and bicycles to​ explore the​ island you​ are on. Finally you​ can hire 4x4’s to​ explore inland.

The big question about any vacation destination is​ the​ weather,​ what is​ it​ like,​ and when is​ it​ best to​ go?

French Polynesia has warm tropical weather all twelve months of​ the​ year. the​ climate is​ sunny and pleasant. you​ need to​ realise that as​ the​ islands of​ French Polynesia are south of​ the​ Equator,​ the​ seasons are reversed compared to​ Europe.

There are effectively two seasons,​ the​ first from November through to​ May when the​ weather is​ warm and somewhat humid with the​ daily temperatures averaging about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. it​ is​ at​ this time that most of​ the​ rainfall occurs,​ but it’s still sunny,​ and there is​ a​ refreshing breeze. Between June and October it​ is​ drier and cooler,​ with a​ daily average temperature of​ about 82 degrees. the​ average sea temperature is​ in​ the​ low 80’s and it​ rarely gets lower than 70 degrees at​ night.

It may take you​ a​ lot of​ flying time,​ but if​ ever a​ place was worth the​ effort it​ is​ French Polynesia
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