Travel To Florence An Ever Blooming Retreat

In the​ first century BCE,​ the​ Romans appropriately renamed this former Etruscan town Florentia,​ or​ destined to​ flower. With this blessing,​ Florence (Firenze) remained faithful to​ its namesake to​ become the​ unrivaled authority of​ Renaissance art,​ literature and culture. the​ romantic narrow passages of​ the​ city's core hold timeless treasures that gracefully dissolve the​ rest of​ the​ world's troubled existence. Travel to​ Florence for a​ truly authentic Renaissance experience.

Soaring high above the​ city skyline,​ the​ Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore is​ the​ quintessential emblem of​ Florence's architectural prestige. the​ fourth largest cathedral in​ the​ world transcends all boundaries of​ Renaissance aesthetics and principles. Finally completed by Brunelleschi in​ 1436,​ the​ munificent red-tile dome with intricate interior frescoes rivals the​ glory of​ Michelangelo's St. Peter's Cathedral in​ the​ Vatican. Laden with white,​ green and red marble,​ Giotto's Bell Tower crowns the​ enormous façade. Opposite the​ Piazza del Duomo,​ the​ Baptistery de San Giovanni,​ built in​ 1128,​ is​ one of​ Florence's oldest monuments of​ Romanesque architecture and a​ sight not to​ be missed.

Spanning the​ narrowest segment of​ the​ Arno River,​ the​ Ponte Vecchio miraculously still stands as​ one of​ the​ world's most coveted bridge crossings. Two previous bridges claimed this sight until they were wiped out by floods in​ 1177 and 1333. the​ "modern" rendition was completed in​ 1345 and has stood the​ test of​ time,​ though nearly swept away by another major flood in​ 1966. Nearby,​ the​ Galleria degli Uffizi houses the​ most extensive art collection in​ Florence and dates back to​ the​ De Medici rule during the​ 1500s. Rembrandt,​ Botticelli,​ Goya and Raffaello are among the​ masters of​ the​ gallery's exquisite permanent collection. And of​ course,​ a​ visit to​ Florence is​ not complete without a​ view of​ Michelangelo's David located in​ the​ world's (alleged) first official academy of​ art and architecture,​ Galleria dell'Accademia.

A Gateway to​ Tuscan Travel

Florence is​ the​ provincial capital of​ Tuscany,​ and from 1865 to​ 1870 served as​ the​ capital of​ the​ new Kingdom of​ Italy. Consequently,​ exploring Florence is​ an​ excellent beginning to​ a​ broader Tuscan adventure and a​ great way to​ become acquainted with the​ history and lifestyle of​ the​ culturally rich region. Tuscany's countryside is​ unparalleled anywhere else in​ Italy,​ offering delectable produce,​ fresh meats and outstanding wines for your personal indulgence. From Florence,​ a​ short drive will lead to​ the​ historic towns of​ Pisa and Lucca. to​ really pamper yourself like only the​ Italians know how,​ escape to​ the​ lush mountains of​ Bagni di Lucca where a​ handful of​ full-service natural hot spring spas are tucked away.

Travel to​ Florence and Tuscany will draw you​ back in​ time,​ suspended in​ a​ moment of​ history when art,​ architecture and living a​ quality life were the​ most heated topics of​ discussion. Florence is​ the​ ultimate guide on​ how to​ truly live richly.
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