Travel To Eastern Europe See Life Bursting At The Seams

Eastern Europe today is​ an​ understated treasure-trove of​ sites,​ sounds and history. the​ exuberance for life in​ the​ post-Communist era has found expression in​ a​ proliferation of​ music and arts festivals,​ celebrations of​ national identity and history,​ and an​ eagerly welcoming attitude toward foreigners. Travel in​ Eastern Europe is​ a​ rewarding journey for those seeking insight into the​ most significant moments in​ recent history. it​ is​ also the​ perfect place to​ leave your cares behind and immerse yourself in​ the​ magical terrain and genuine hospitality of​ a​ region slowly opening its doors to​ the​ global community.

Travel Through Time in​ Eastern Europe
Throughout history,​ Eastern Europe has been continuously molded by the​ hands of​ great clashing powers. Travel through this region will reveal monumental reminders of​ the​ Holy Roman Empire,​ the​ Ottoman Empire's struggle to​ retain the​ land,​ and the​ once expansive Austro-Hungarian Habsburg rule. Imperial palaces and exquisite national museums adorn the​ entire region. a​ journey along the​ Danube between Budapest and the​ Black Sea exposes the​ most heavily utilized route of​ human migration and invasion into Europe from the​ Celts and Greeks to​ the​ Mongols and Turks. the​ Danube is​ also where a​ fascinating fusion of​ cultures has occurred. Christianity and Islam met along these banks and the​ lifestyle of​ the​ Orient was introduced to​ Europeans.

During the​ 20th century,​ Eastern Europe was devastated by the​ Holocaust and World War II. Many of​ the​ countries were used as​ staging grounds for the​ great powers,​ which continued through the​ Cold War era. Today,​ visitors have the​ privilege of​ touring many of​ these testaments to​ history,​ including battle grounds,​ internment camps and abandoned Soviet bunkers.

Anyone's Adventure
Eastern Europe boasts some of​ the​ fastest growing cities and the​ most energetic nightlife on​ the​ European continent. Prague,​ Vienna and Belgrade are a​ fascinating blend of​ unchanging history and Eastern Europe's addiction to​ hyper-modernism. Additionally,​ winter ski resorts abound,​ particularly in​ the​ north and near the​ Balkan Peninsula,​ and there is​ no shortage of​ summer arts festivals; most notable are the​ film festivals in​ Vienna and Warsaw.

Travel to​ Eastern Europe and take part in​ the​ progressing celebration of​ life and nationalism in​ a​ way only post-Communist countries know how. Avoid the​ overwhelming crowds of​ its western neighbors and discover the​ sweet satisfying secret of​ traveling through this historic wonderland! For more information,​ visit,​ your source for cheap airfare on​ the​ web.
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