Travel To China And See What All The Fuss Is About

China is​ one of​ the​ most glorious countries to​ visit and this year you​ can see it​ all. China is​ a​ magical country full of​ old and historical sights and many wonders. There is​ no other country that has sights as​ fantastic as​ the​ Great Wall of​ China and all of​ the​ old places where the​ monks used to​ live thousands of​ years ago. Add to​ all of​ this beauty the​ supreme glory that is​ the​ scenery and you​ have a​ place that dreams are made of.

China is​ the​ type of​ place that you​ think only exists in​ real until you​ see it​ for yourself. When you​ step out onto one of​ the​ many mountain peaks and look down on​ the​ mist and the​ world below you​ will find that your breath is​ completely taken away. it​ is​ stunning and if​ you​ do not take cameras and camcorders and tons of​ extra batteries you​ are going to​ be sorry for it. you​ need to​ capture these sights on​ camera so that you​ can always remember and share those memories with those who were not lucky enough to​ come with you​ on​ this magnificent trip.

Here are some of​ the​ top places for you​ to​ visit when you​ go to​ China:

Hong Kong
This is​ of​ course a​ must see place. Everyone has herd of​ this great place but so many do not get the​ wonderful opportunity to​ see it​ for themselves. When you​ go to​ China you​ need to​ see Hong Kong for yourself. There you​ will get to​ spend some quality time soaking up the​ atmosphere. you​ can see the​ day life and the​ nightlife there,​ it​ is​ so different than it​ is​ in​ western countries. you​ will also find that Hong Kong has the​ best shopping world wide. No other city on​ earth can offer this kind of​ shopping and everyone will be able to​ find something that they can love and enjoy for years to​ come.

This is​ a​ place that so many people have not thought to​ even travel to​ and oh how these people have missed out. This is​ one of​ the​ top destinations,​ or​ at​ least it​ should be. When you​ visit Guangzhou you​ need to​ start in​ one area and move from there. Checking out Guangzhou place by place is​ the​ most efficient way to​ do it. Make sure to​ not leave until you​ see Colonial Canton for yourself.

Dongguan is​ full of​ all the​ top museums that China has to​ offer. if​ you​ love to​ see museums and all that the​ history of​ this great country then this is​ the​ place to​ go to​ do it. in​ just a​ couple of​ days you​ can learn so much and experience even more.

China is​ a​ fabulous place to​ visit no matter how young or​ how old you​ happen to​ be. Both adults and children will be able to​ enjoy all of​ the​ wonders of​ China.
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