Travel To Central America A Cradle Of Early Civilization

This fascinating destination of​ the​ Americas had been cultivated by thriving agrarian cultures for 3,​000 years before Europe's arrival in​ the​ New World. the​ modern existence of​ more than eight ancient cultures can still be found today and a​ triumphant preservation movement of​ these indigenous people is​ underway. Central America offers mesmerizing insight into the​ beauty of​ life and tradition that has sustained centuries of​ repression,​ shifting political alliances and some of​ nature's mightiest forces.

Bordered by the​ Caribbean Sea and the​ North Pacific Ocean,​ the​ Central American isthmus is​ a​ narrow tropical and volcanic landmass that connects Mexican North America to​ the​ northwestern lowlands of​ South America. Early in​ the​ 19th century,​ this region was known as​ the​ United States of​ Central America but today is​ comprised of​ the​ seven independent nations of​ Belize,​ Guatemala,​ Honduras,​ El Salvador,​ Nicaragua,​ Costa Rica and Panama.

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The most spectacular Mayan ruins can be found in​ Guatemala at​ Tikal,​ a​ ceremonial center of​ pyramids,​ plazas and museums tucked beneath a​ thick and enchanting rainforest canopy. Belize provides the​ traveler with a​ slower pace along its white sand Caribbean coastline dotted with world class reefs for the​ passionate scuba diver. the​ entire landmass is​ a​ geographic wonder of​ active volcanic chains,​ which also provides highly fertile soil for agriculture necessary to​ sustain the​ incredibly dense populations in​ urban centers like San Salvador. Costa Rica attracts adventure-seekers from all corners of​ the​ world to​ its thrilling white water rapids and mystic cloud forests,​ while the​ truly daring are drawn to​ Nicaragua's smoking and belching Santiago Crater,​ tucked between two active volcanoes in​ Volcán Masaya National Park.

Central America is​ also teeming with vivacious urban life. San Jose,​ Costa Rica's capital city,​ is​ one of​ the​ most modern and international cities in​ the​ region,​ blessed with more years of​ peace than many Central American cities have experienced in​ recent decades. Bars and Nightclubs are packed every night of​ the​ week and booming commercialism,​ museums and gourmet restaurants seem to​ momentarily erase the​ less affluent reality in​ the​ background. to​ the​ south,​ Panama City is​ also a​ vibrant and expansive metropolis spawned from the​ commerce generated by the​ adjacent Panama Canal.

Travel to​ Central America to​ come face to​ face with a​ collection of​ cultures and lifestyles more diverse and complex than you​ had ever imagined. Explore the​ diverging histories of​ a​ region bound by a​ common past and struggling to​ achieve a​ prosperous future. the​ possibilities are endless in​ Central America. For more information,​ visit,​ your source for cheap airfare on​ the​ web.
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