Travel To Boston Not Your Grandmothers Tea Party

Boston has traditionally stood as​ the​ beacon of​ New England thought,​ culture and historical direction,​ and consequently has been the​ major force behind the​ independent progress of​ the​ United States of​ America. Boston’s well preserved colonial architecture gracing the​ tree lined streets or​ the​ original oak seats of​ Fenway Park baseball stadium add insurmountable character to​ the​ historically indispensable city. With a​ nickname like “the Hub of​ the​ Universe,​” given by Oliver Wendell Holmes,​ it​ is​ impossible to​ justify not visiting Boston to​ discover the​ inspiring source of​ this pseudonym!

The Cradle of​ More than Liberty
Boston spearheaded the​ fight for freedom and independence from Britain during the​ Revolutionary War through both thought and action. the​ Old South Meeting House in​ the​ city center is​ where colonists gathered in​ 1773 before disguising themselves as​ Native Americans and dumping British tea into the​ harbor to​ protest taxation without representation. the​ Meeting House is​ open today for tours,​ concerts and historical reenactments. the​ site of​ the​ Boston Massacre and the​ Battle of​ Bunker Hill are also nearby. While in​ the​ city center,​ stop by the​ Paul Revere House,​ which is​ notable both for being the​ oldest building in​ Boston,​ built in​ 1680,​ and for being the​ home of​ the​ legendary patriot who warned colonists of​ British military action.

Further strengthening its earned title as​ the​ ‘Cradle of​ Liberty,​’ Bostonians were firm supporters of​ abolition and the​ Underground Railroad. Boston has long remained on​ the​ progressive edge of​ education and social reform,​ boasting a​ plethora of​ elite universities and academies that include Harvard and MIT among their ranks. For an​ all around journey through time,​ travel to​ Boston and take the​ 2.5 mile Freedom Trail,​ which starts in​ the​ excellent shopping area of​ Boston Common and continues through the​ city past 16 historical sites,​ terminating at​ the​ USS Constitution.

Up to​ Speed
Not only a​ key player in​ American heritage,​ Boston is​ a​ continually updating metropolis that helps shape the​ evolving modern identity of​ the​ United States. Newbury Street is​ Boston’s ultra-chic shopping area that will bedazzle you​ with specialty shops,​ designer boutiques and private galleries. the​ Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is​ a​ stunning collection of​ classic works housed in​ a​ breathtaking Venetian-style palace situated about a​ four-story oasis-like courtyard. as​ Boston is​ the​ Kennedy Family hometown,​ the​ beautiful marble John F. Kennedy Museum and Library was opened here in​ 1979 and is​ considered to​ be one of​ the​ city’s shining architectural highlights. Boston is​ also known for its large immigrant population. Feast on​ the​ spoils of​ multiculturalism and head to​ the​ North End of​ Boston for an​ authentic Italian meal,​ and don’t forget to​ order the​ cannoli for desert!

A trip to​ Boston is​ fundamental to​ understanding the​ foundations upon which the​ United States of​ America was built. America’s pastimes and ideals are firmly entrenched in​ the​ people’s history of​ Boston and its independent and free-thinking spirit that still permeates the​ city’s culture today. Also,​ when you​ travel to​ Boston,​ make sure to​ get out and explore the​ beautiful countryside of​ Massachusetts. Even nearby Boston Harbor Islands National Park has 34 islands accessible for hiking and biking.
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