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They have said that Belize is​ one of​ the​ most beautiful places to​ spend your honeymoon or​ a​ romantic getaway. Belize is​ a​ place where you​ can enjoy a​ different type of​ lifestyle if​ only for a​ few days. Once you​ have visited this beautiful place,​ you​ will not want to​ leave. Belize is​ known worldwide for the​ unique wildlife and their many historical structures that date back hundreds of​ years. Belize has some of​ the​ most wonderful structures you​ can find in​ the​ world such as​ the​ Maya ruins.

One of​ the​ greatest things to​ experience in​ Belize is​ the​ Bird Watching Tours. These tours can last from 1-7 days and you​ decide to​ stay in​ the​ lodges if​ you​ prefer. During the​ day,​ you​ can take canoe trips or​ walks along the​ water to​ see the​ delightful birds that you​ cannot see at​ home. Some of​ these birds include the​ Toucan birds,​ blue-gray tanagers,​ parrots,​ anhinga birds,​ swallows and so many more. There are over 600 different types of​ birds for you​ to​ try to​ see while you​ are here if​ you​ enjoy bird watching. There are also the​ birds that migrate to​ Belize during different times of​ the​ year. This is​ something that you​ will want to​ make sure you​ experience on​ your trip to​ Belize. if​ bird watching is​ not your favorite thing to​ do you​ can still enjoy the​ walks along the​ waters edge and the​ trails through the​ jungle.

If you​ are looking to​ get more personal with the​ wildlife and love water,​ then another hot thing to​ do in​ Belize is​ diving into the​ beautiful waters of​ Belize. They have over 50 different spots to​ dive. you​ be in​ one spot swimming with the​ Barracuda to​ another spot swimming with sharks and stingrays. There are endless spots to​ dive from and witness many different sea creatures in​ their own natural habitat. Here you​ can come close to​ various ocean life and watch as​ they go about their daily activities. if​ this is​ something you​ are looking into doing on​ your trip,​ the​ best time to​ visit then would be between the​ months of​ April and June.

Belize is​ one of​ today’s greatest places to​ visit or​ honeymoon. if​ your not much into getting out in​ the​ waters or​ the​ jungles,​ there are also many other attractions such as​ the​ city of​ Belize. the​ shopping is​ great in​ the​ city and they have many great places to​ dine as​ well.
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