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Traveling to​ Indonesia is​ definitely a​ trip you​ will never forget.Plan for a​ long ride to​ get there,​ as​ it​ is​ a​ 31 hour flight from New York. Bali is​ a​ wonderful area with an​ array of​ fun filled activities to​ choose from. it​ is​ the​ main tourist area of​ Indonesia.

The people of​ Bali are very friendly,​ and enjoy having visitors come to​ their area. Many speak English to​ interact with tourists. They have chosen to​ preserve their culture for all to​ see rather than change it​ to​ become like other countries. the​ beaches are a​ main attraction with surfing being one of​ the​ most popular activities. Others enjoy renting a​ boat for the​ day to​ relax on​ the​ open waters.

Lodging in​ Bali ranges from small bungalows to​ huge fancy hotels,​ all with basic accommodations to​ meet the​ needs of​ tourists. the​ view from your hotel will be wonderful because of​ the​ rich beauty of​ the​ area regardless of​ where you​ choose to​ stay.

The people of​ Bali are very artistic. They enjoy painting,​ weaving,​ carving,​ basket making,​ and other arts. Children are taught art from a​ very early age. They often display their makings to​ sell to​ the​ tourists.

Temples are a​ main attraction in​ Bali. They are called Pura. the​ temples provide an​ opportunity to​ explore religion and art of​ the​ culture. the​ people of​ Bali are still very religious,​ and it​ is​ very important that those visiting the​ Temples show respect for their religious beliefs.

Art galleries exhibit creative and attractive art work to​ view. Wildlife and nature reserves are popular in​ Bali. Many people go to​ get a​ glimpse of​ the​ very dangerous Komodo Dragon,​ a​ large lizard that is​ found only in​ the​ area and is​ extinct. the​ rare Java tiger is​ also displayed.

There are more than 400 volcanoes in​ Indonesia,​ 128 are still active. They offer a​ historical view of​ this natural creation to​ observe. Botanic Gardens are also a​ very popular attraction. Displaying flora and fauna as​ well as​ promoting conservation,​ people are drawn to​ the​ beauty of​ such attractions.

While Indonesia is​ a​ beautiful and serene place to​ visit,​ it​ is​ strongly advised at​ this time to​ be cautious with such visits due to​ the​ possibility of​ terrorist attacks. if​ you​ do choose to​ travel to​ the​ area do not travel alone and make sure you​ have registered with the​ US Embassy.
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