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Situated between the​ Indian and South Pacific Oceans in​ a​ geographically misunderstood region of​ the​ world called Oceania,​ Australia is​ a​ continent nearly twice the​ size of​ Europe and also an​ independent nation made up of​ six states and two territories. the​ literal continental size of​ the​ country makes for travel that is​ diverse and exhilarating without the​ hassle of​ ever crossing a​ single border!

Australia has been inhabited for an​ estimated 45,​000 years with the​ first recorded European encounter with the​ landmass not until 1606. in​ 1770,​ the​ English navigator James Cook claimed Australia for Britain,​ but it​ was not until the​ gold rush of​ the​ 1800s that Aboriginal tribes were really harmed by Europeans who were drawn into the​ depths of​ the​ continent's formidable Great Dividing Range where natives had since thrived undisturbed. Today there are many trading posts,​ such as​ Alice Springs,​ where Aborigines sell traditional artwork and musical instruments such as​ the​ popular didgeridoo.

Wine,​ Waves,​ and Whimsical Wilderness
Most travelers anticipate a​ visit to​ the​ Sydney Opera House,​ a​ wild ride through the​ outback and then a​ dive at​ the​ Great Barrier Reef,​ and most visitors experience an​ abrupt awakening to​ the​ sheer depth of​ Australia's wonderful attributes and activities as​ well as​ the​ great distances that would make such a​ trip lengthy at​ best. Southwestern Australia is​ a​ fantastic wine-producing region,​ with harvests including Australia's own Shiraz. Visit the​ popular Margaret River area for delicious reds or​ take a​ drive along the​ nearby coast and surf some of​ the​ best waves in​ the​ morning while making a​ leisurely afternoon of​ wine tasting in​ the​ quaint coastal towns along the​ way. on​ the​ path of​ indulgence,​ make sure to​ enjoy some truly authentic Aussie cuisine like slow-roasted kangaroo or​ emu,​ and don't shy away from the​ Moreton Bay bug,​ which is​ actually an​ exceptional species of​ slipper lobster native to​ Australian waters.

Witness firsthand the​ versatility of​ the​ Aussie landscape by venturing north to​ the​ coastal Daintree Rainforest in​ the​ wet tropical region near the​ festive city of​ Cairns and the​ northern tip of​ the​ Great Barrier Reef. Some of​ the​ world's oldest rainforest stands in​ Australia's tropical north while ski resorts garnish the​ eastern Snowy Mountains outside of​ cosmopolitan Sydney and the​ semi-arid Flinders Ranges in​ the​ south represent the​ last of​ the​ quintessential Australian outback,​ complete with crocodiles and wallabies. Tasmania,​ Australia's giant southern island,​ is​ often considered a​ miniature Australia with all of​ the​ spectacular sights in​ a​ fraction of​ the​ size. Most notable is​ the​ intense backdrop marked with jutting peaks,​ plunging crevasses and glacial lakes of​ Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

Whether you​ travel to​ Australia for the​ rugged adventure of​ the​ outback or​ the​ richly multicultural and ultra-hip global scenes of​ Melbourne and Sydney,​ the​ deluge of​ opportunities available upon arrival are sure to​ turn your initial itinerary on​ its head. Not to​ mention,​ Australia is​ an​ excellent jumping point from which to​ discover the​ many tropical island-nations of​ Southeast Asia to​ the​ north. For more information,​ visit,​ your source for cheap airfare on​ the​ web.
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