Travel To Athens A Gift From The Gods

Travelers who expect to​ be greeted by lone standing relics of​ ancient Greece will be awestruck by the​ sprawling urban metropolis of​ today’s Athens. the​ capital city is​ an​ explorer’s paradise as​ historic gems are embedded within the​ modern day melee and cultural nuances of​ a​ turbulent past are written between the​ lines of​ concrete and the​ sparkling blue Aegean Sea. Everywhere in​ Athens is​ a​ testament to​ why this mythic peninsula is​ considered the​ cradle of​ Western civilization and modern democracy.

Of particular interest,​ Athens received a​ much needed facelift in​ preparation for the​ 2004 Olympics. Notorious for its nefos (smog) resulting from rapid growth and congestion following World War II and the​ Cold War,​ Athens realized the​ need to​ clean up its act when it​ became clear that historic monuments were eroding at​ an​ alarming rate due to​ acid rain from air pollution. Due to​ this Olympic makeover,​ it​ is​ extremely easy to​ navigate around the​ well marked streets in​ English and Greek and transportation has never been more streamlined.

Mythological Mythos
Ancient Greece reached its societal peak in​ the​ 1st century BC when magnificent monuments like the​ Parthenon and the​ Temple of​ Athena Nike were constructed on​ the​ fortified Acropolis and Socrates and Plato developed their Western thinking schools of​ thought. While most of​ the​ major attractions from the​ time period are in​ the​ center of​ the​ city,​ travel in​ the​ outskirts of​ Athens will bring encounters with many significant locations from this time period. Marathon,​ of​ the​ famous battle (and today’s 26.22 mile race),​ is​ just northeast of​ Athens and the​ ancient Mycenaean excavation site at​ Velatouri is​ to​ the​ south,​ boasting the​ unearthed Thorikos theatre. While the​ Grecian period is​ omnipresent,​ Greece has fascinating Turkish and Persian cultural influences as​ a​ result of​ many wars and takeovers until the​ collapse of​ the​ Ottoman Empire in​ the​ 20th century.

Club Hopping or​ Island Hopping?
In the​ spring and summer evenings,​ enjoy the​ cafés and restaurants as​ they begin to​ spill into the​ streets and squares. Greece,​ and particularly Athens,​ is​ notorious for its boisterous and tireless nightlife. the​ Port of​ Piraeus comes to​ life as​ many vacationers head out for their island excursions from this historic cove. Athens is​ the​ perfect place to​ become immersed in​ Greek culture and life before taking a​ ferry ride to​ one of​ the​ surrounding tranquil,​ historic or​ party islands – the​ choice is​ yours. the​ port itself is​ also of​ particular historic interest. One of​ the​ oldest in​ the​ world,​ the​ port was heavily used during the​ Peloponnesian Wars in​ the​ 4th century BC and remnants of​ the​ long Themistoclean Walls,​ which fortified the​ port and Athens together during this time period,​ still survive today.

A trip to​ Athens is​ not only a​ journey of​ history,​ but one of​ modernity and progress. After Greece’s golden age,​ Athens’ grandeur was squandered to​ nearly nothing by invaders and the​ sweeping tides of​ history. Today,​ the​ free and booming capital city is​ again a​ testament to​ its historic commitment to​ forward thinking civilization. Experience the​ rebirth of​ the​ foundations of​ the​ western world in​ Athens!

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