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From Patagonia in​ the​ south to​ Columbia and Venezuela in​ the​ north,​ South America offers travelers with an​ entire continent to​ explore. Visitors who travel South America can visit tremendous mountains,​ amazing rain forests and beautiful beaches. a​ trip to​ South America will expose travelers to​ various languages and cultures from both the​ new world of​ Europe to​ the​ ancient societies of​ South America’s indigenous people.

South America is​ almost entirely surrounded by water with the​ Pacific Ocean on​ the​ west coast,​ the​ Atlantic Ocean on​ the​ east coast and the​ Caribbean Sea to​ the​ North. as​ all but two countries in​ South America have coastal access,​ travelers to​ South America will see the​ influence of​ the​ sea in​ the​ cities and people who live in​ them.

When you​ travel South America don’t forget to​ visit the​ following countries and attractions:

A narrow country that runs along the​ west coast from the​ southern tip of​ South America to​ the​ midpoint of​ the​ continent,​ Chile offers a​ tremendous amount of​ ecological and geographic diversity. Visitors will marvel at​ the​ numerous volcanoes,​ geysers and glaciers that make Chile an​ adventure travelers dream in​ South America.

From Chile’s eastern border to​ the​ Atlantic coastline,​ Argentina occupies the​ balance of​ South America’s southern tip with one of​ the​ most European-influenced cultures on​ the​ Continent. Don’t let recent economic troubles discourage a​ visit to​ Argentina,​ as​ falling prices make it​ one of​ the​ most economical countries within South America for travelers to​ visit.

South America’s largest individual country Brazil is​ one stop no traveler should miss. From the​ liveliness and excitement of​ large cities like Sao Paolo and Rio de Janiero to​ the​ remote Amazon jungle,​ Brazil is​ a​ unique nation full of​ social,​ environmental and economic complexities that must be seen first-hand to​ appreciate. Travelers to​ South America should not miss the​ Brazilian celebration of​ Carnivale; one of​ the​ most impressive displays of​ national culture anywhere in​ the​ world.

Even though it​ is​ one of​ the​ poorer countries in​ South America,​ Bolivia offers travelers with amazing Andean landscapes that are the​ home of​ mysterious,​ ancient civilizations. Visitors will be welcomed by the​ cultural wealth of​ Bolivias people.

On the​ Pacific coast,​ the​ nation of​ Peru offers multiple layers of​ many great civilizations. Travelers should not miss the​ city of​ Lima and the​ magic of​ the​ ruins of​ the​ ancient Incan city of​ Machu Picchu.

Ecuador is​ home to​ one of​ the​ world’s most amazing natural resources: the​ island of​ the​ Galapogos chain are home to​ the​ unique plant and animal species that provided Charles Darwin with the​ observations that led to​ his theory of​ evolution. Today,​ travelers to​ South America can visit the​ Galopagos islands and view the​ same species that Darwin did.

Venezuela is​ home to​ South America’s largest lake,​ third largest river,​ and some of​ the​ world’s most amazing waterfalls. Travelers to​ Venezuela should ignore its political controversies and visit it​ for the​ amazing natural and cultural wonders they can experience.

The Columbia of​ Hollywood movies is​ far removed from the​ snow-capped mountains and white-sand beaches that travelers will experience. Visit this South American nation,​ and enjoy all that it​ has to​ offer in​ relative security.
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