Travel Smart Spend Less In San Diego

Vacations can be quite expensive. at​ times you​ don’t realize how expenses spiral out of​ control. Are you​ wondering how to​ have a​ great time in​ San Diego even within a​ limited budget?
Well all you​ got to​ do is​ travel smart and still enjoy everything San Diego has to​ offer. By “travel smart” I mean you​ need to​ know all those things about this wonderful place that will help you​ remain tightly within your budget. And yes,​ there are a​ good many things the​ magnificent city San Diego has to​ offer. And you​ would be surprised how much it​ would help you​ save precious money.

Visit Off-Season

Deals during off season are quite attractive and economical. Hotel rooms come cheaper in​ October,​ November,​ January,​ February,​ and March. Quite often various motels,​ hotels and resorts in​ San Diego offer lower vacation rentals to​ fill their empty rooms.

Hotels with Complementary Breakfast

Spend time on​ internet and find out hotels which provide affordable family vacation package in​ San Diego to​ suit your budget. It’s wise to​ stay in​ hotels whose room price includes breakfast.

Centrally-located Hotel

Search the​ net and zero in​ on​ a​ hotel which is​ just a​ stone’s throw away from all major attractions of​ San Diego. This way you​ would precious money on​ commuting from one destination to​ another.

Carry Along a​ Crib

In case you​ are on​ a​ vacation with a​ baby,​ bring your own travel crib. Hotels often charge extra for the​ crib.

Visit Museums in​ Balboa Park on​ Free Tuesdays

While visiting museums in​ Balboa Park,​ get a​ pass which can allows you​ admission to​ 11 museums during a​ one week period. the​ pass comes at​ an​ affordable price.
Or best,​ visit the​ museums on​ rotating Tuesdays when they are open to​ public free of​ cost.

First Tuesday of​ the​ Month: Natural History Museum,​ Model Railroad Museum and Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.

Second Tuesday: Historical Society Museum,​ Museum of​ Photographic Arts and Hall of​ Champions Sports Museum.

Third Tuesday: Mingei International Museum,​ Japanese Friendship Garden,​ and the​ Art Institute.

Fourth Tuesday: Automotive Museum and Aerospace Museum.

The attractions like the​ Timken Museum of​ Art,​ Botanical Building and Lily Pond in​ Balboa Park are always free.

Entry into Sea World & Zoo

In Sea World the​ 50+ crowd get discounts on​ tickets and free breakfast on​ Tuesdays. No charges for children under 3.

If you're on​ a​ budget,​ buy just an​ admission-only ticket to​ the​ zoo. you​ would have to​ walk around as​ you​ won’t be allowed to​ use guided bus tour but at​ the​ same time you​ save about one-third of​ the​ money.

In fact,​ in​ honor of​ the​ Zoo's Founders Day,​ entry is​ free on​ the​ first Monday of​ October. And the​ entry for children 11 and under is​ free during the​ entire month of​ October.

Alluring La Jolla

Museum of​ Contemporary Art in​ La Jolla,​ San Diego,​ is​ free on​ the​ first Tuesday of​ every month. the​ outdoor concerts at​ Scripps Park on​ Sundays are free from mid-June to​ mid-September.

Having a​ tight budget doesn’t mean you​ can’t enjoy your vacation in​ San Diego. you​ just need to​ be a​ smart traveler and take advantage of​ things which are free to​ public and the​ various affordable family vacation packages offered by the​ hotels.
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