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People love vacations .​
Some people thrive on​ traveling as​ far away from home as​ possible while others are content to​ vacation locally .​
No matter what your interest is​ with travel,​ there are always travel sites to​ help you​ out .​
In fact,​ many people have turned to​ planning entire vacations on​ a​ travel site .​
Gone are the​ days when travel agents were popular and sought after .​
Travel sites have popped up everywhere and promise all of​ its customers extraordinary savings .​
That doesn't always hold true,​ however .​
I​ have never been one to​ trust my entire vacation to​ a​ computerized travel site .​
It just seems a​ bit too strange to​ me .​
I'm old-fashioned and still want to​ sit down with a​ travel agent,​ letting them make my plans for me .​
I​ feel like I​ will get better results than on​ a​ travel site .​
With a​ travel agent,​ I​ can change my mind about my plans several times,​ call and ask questions,​ and have someone to​ blame should my vacation not turn out to​ be what I​ was hoping for .​
Travel sites tend to​ just be computerized and it​ is​ rare that you​ actually get to​ speak to​ a​ person .​
If and when you​ do get to​ speak to​ a​ real person,​ you​ have no clue where they are .​
They may say something just to​ appease you​ and it​ will not hold true in​ the​ end .​
There are too many factors that can go wrong .​
That's why I​ love having a​ travel agent .​
I​ may spend a​ tad bit more than if​ purchasing on​ a​ travel site but the​ peace of​ mind is​ priceless.
A best friend of​ mine only books her vacations on​ travel sites .​
Often times,​ she'll book a​ last minute vacation that a​ travel site is​ offering .​
That is​ one huge advantage of​ using a​ travel site .​
When last minute vacations come up,​ you​ can end up saving a​ lot of​ money .​
She's gotten some wonderful vacations for almost half the​ cost .​
I'm not one for last minute travel .​
I​ suppose I​ could be if​ my schedule were more flexible .​
My job requires me to​ ask for vacation months in​ advance .​
If you​ are flexible though,​ booking through a​ travel site could be incredibly worthwhile .​
Plus,​ travel sites offer discount coupons and prices for excursions or​ miscellaneous items when you​ book online .​
There are many advantages to​ using a​ travel site to​ book your travel or​ even do your research .​
I​ do use travel sites when researching where I​ would like to​ travel to​ and getting my facts together .​
I​ take that information and then see a​ travel agent .​
At least I​ know that if​ my vacation turns out to​ be a​ nightmare,​ I​ have someone to​ come back and yell at.
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