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Sarasota,​ Florida,​ may not be either Disney World or​ Miami,​ but it​ is​ home to​ some of​ the​ world’s most beautiful beaches,​ as​ well as​ serviceable art museums and a​ fascinating marine aquarium. It’s a​ great place to​ spend your next vacation. Siesta Key and Longboat Key,​ while pricey,​ have miles of​ award-winning beaches,​ along with plenty of​ beach activities: boating,​ dining,​ and playing. Every Saturday night,​ the​ drum circle occurs at​ Siesta Key. This is​ a​ gathering on​ the​ beach of​ musicians,​ poets,​ and drummers,​ and it’s famous in​ Sarasota – a​ great thing to​ go to​ for those looking for something to​ do “off the​ beaten path.”

At the​ intersection of​ 41 and University Parkway sits the​ Classic Car Museum,​ a​ treasure trove of​ antique automobiles and other Americana,​ such as​ arcade games and posters. This is​ a​ great place to​ spend a​ rainy day as​ it’s mostly inside. Practically across the​ street from the​ Classic Car Museum is​ the​ Ringling Museum of​ Art,​ an​ ever-growing museum complex funded by circus magnate John Ringling’s estate. His house,​ C’adz’an,​ has recently been restored and is​ pen to​ the​ public.

The museum is​ much bigger than it​ looks,​ and the​ rotating exhibits change several times a​ year – this is​ a​ Sarasota “must-see.” Down the​ street from the​ Ringling Museum lies the​ Sarasota Jungle Gardens,​ a​ botanical zoo in​ which one can feed pelicans and flamingoes,​ sit among exotic plants,​ or​ pose for a​ photo with several parrots perched on​ your shoulder. Further south along US 41,​ you​ will find the​ Mote Marine Laboratory,​ a​ marine aquarium. It’s more “scientific” than the​ nearby marine aquarium in​ Tampa,​ but it​ also manages to​ be quite family-friendly,​ and Snooty,​ the​ resident manatee- has been delighting visitors for decades.

Across the​ parking lot is​ the​ Pelican Man Bird Sanctuary,​ which takes in​ lost,​ injured,​ or​ abandoned birds and rehabilitates them. Any aspiring birdwatchers will find a​ visit to​ this small charity really heartwarming.
For a​ small city,​ Sarasota offers a​ surprising amount of​ ethnic restaurants. For example,​ Tropical Thai on​ Main Street offers lovely and decently-priced meals. Mickey’s on​ Pineapple Ave is​ another great choice,​ offering “fusion” American – Italian cuisine,​ a​ friendly staff,​ lots of​ vegetarian options,​ and live music on​ weekends.

Sarasota is​ a​ small city,​ but the​ possibilities are vast,​ and this article has only just begun to​ scratch the​ surface. Hopefully it​ will get you​ started and pointed in​ the​ right direction for your visit!
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