Travel Saftey Using Intuition

"We've been robbed,​" I told Ana. "All of​ it." I grabbed the​ thief,​ who was no longer acting drunk at​ all. it​ was a​ lesson in​ travel safety.

It started when both my wife and I had a​ strong feeling we shouldn't get on​ that bus in​ Cuenca. Neither of​ us said anything,​ because a​ taxi was two dollars,​ and the​ bus cost only twenty-five cents. it​ seems a​ bit TOO frugal now.

Ana found a​ seat,​ but there was no seat for me. I was packed in​ with the​ other commuters standing up. I noticed the​ drunk pushing his way through the​ crowd,​ randomly going this way and that,​ and I knew somethimg was up. I instinctively reached into my pockets to​ check on​ my money. I had just visited the​ ATM. the​ $170 in​ my pocket was the​ most cash we had carried during the​ entire trip. Still there. the​ old guy pushed against me like he was trying to​ find a​ place to​ stand comfortably. I checked my again.

Five minutes later some space opened up near Ana,​ and I moved over to​ her. When I reached into my pocket again,​ it​ was empty,​ and the​ other pocket was empty too. I never felt a​ thing. I told Ana,​ and saw that the​ old drunk was still on​ the​ bus.

We got off at​ the​ next stop,​ dragging the​ thief with us. an​ officer appeared,​ and a​ crowd formed. the​ thief was sober now,​ pulling his pockets out and insisting again that he was inocent. Search him,​ he said,​ and I did,​ but I understood now that his associate was long gone with the​ money,​ probably off the​ bus at​ a​ previous stop. His role had just been to​ distract me and push me into the​ right place on​ the​ bus.

He begged to​ be let go,​ and we knew we couldn't get the​ money back. Nonetheless,​ we had the​ officer take him to​ the​ police station on​ his motorcycle while we followed in​ a​ taxi,​ paying with a​ twenty from under the​ sole of​ my shoe. Filing a​ complaint at​ least meant he would spend the​ night in​ jail,​ and though he would be released in​ the​ morning for a​ lack of​ evidence,​ his finger prints are on​ file now.

Travel Safety Lessons

Most likely,​ a​ money belt probably would have prevented the​ robbery. Closing pockets help too,​ although I had a​ wallet stolen from a​ zipered pocket once,​ and I didn't notice until forty minutes later. Fortunately it​ was a​ decoy-wallet,​ put there for just such an​ occasion - another little travel safety trick.

Other travel safety tricks? Put your money in​ at​ least three different places,​ like under the​ sole of​ your shoe,​ in​ a​ pocket you​ pin inside your clothes,​ and in​ your shaving kit. Carry two credit or​ debit cards in​ separate and secure places. Carry a​ list of​ "lost or​ stolen" phone numbers in​ another place. in​ areas with much crime,​ leave expensive watches and jewelry behind.

Learn a​ few tricks and you​ can travel more safely. Our experience also shows the​ importance of​ learning to​ trust your intuition. That was our lesson in​ travel safety.
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