Travel Recommendations For Northern India In Winter

Travel Recommendations for Northern India in​ Winter
The geographical position and unusual topography of​ India is​ responsible for the​ countrys diverse climate. if​ you​ have plans of​ visiting northern India,​ you​ can expect the​ climate to​ be hotter during the​ summer and cooler in​ winter. Before going there,​ you​ have to​ consider these travel recommendations for northern India in​ winter.
The northern plains of​ India during the​ winter season which happens to​ be from October to​ March brings very cold temperatures. in​ fact,​ temperature in​ the​ Thar Desert can reach freezing point. the​ central city of​ the​ north is​ New Delhi and the​ temperature there is​ from 8 degrees to​ 21 degrees Celsius.
You can find a​ rich history of​ culture in​ north India. Aside from New Delhi,​ you​ can also visit other destinations like Uttranchal,​ Uttar Pradesh,​ Jamma,​ HImachal Pradesh,​ Punjab,​ and Kashmir. There are many activities that you​ can do in​ north India like river rafting,​ camel safari,​ mountain biking,​ skiing,​ and trekking. you​ can also find exquisite architecture,​ incredible wildlife,​ sand dunes,​ and historical charm in​ this Indian region.
If you​ plan to​ tour Delhi,​ you​ can explore the​ citys religious face. There are many temples that you​ can visit like Akshardham,​ Birla,​ Bangla Sahib,​ and ISKCON temples. Aside from the​ temples,​ there are also forts in​ Delhi like Qutub Minar,​ Jantar Mantar,​ and Red Fort.
Taj Mahal is​ found in​ north India,​ specifically in​ Uttar Pradesh. if​ you​ have plans of​ traveling to​ Uttaranchal,​ don’t do this during the​ winter season as​ it​ is​ very cold. you​ can do it​ between April and June or​ from September to​ November.
Individuals who love mall shopping can go to​ Shimla. you​ can find malls offering great sights there. the​ Golden Temple can be found in​ Punjab. Other places that you​ should visit are Srinagar,​ Jammu,​ Dal Lake,​ Gulmarg,​ Pahalgam,​ Sonamarg,​ Solan,​ Dalhousie,​ Dharamsala,​ Kullu,​ Manali,​ Kangra,​ and Chamba. you​ can have the​ best holiday experience in​ north India.
As mentioned earlier,​ winter in​ north India is​ quite cold. if​ you​ go there during winter,​ you​ have to​ bring the​ appropriate clothes. if​ you​ don’t have them,​ you​ can start purchasing winter clothes. This way,​ you​ can avoid stressing out your body and ending up sick. Make sure that you​ take your vitamins and some medications with you,​ just in​ case you​ catch fever,​ cough or​ colds. the​ medicines sold in​ India are not the​ same as​ those sold in​ your home country. So better be prepared especially if​ youre traveling there during the​ winter. you​ can enjoy the​ sights and tourist spots in​ north India if​ you​ have a​ healthy body.
Still,​ if​ you​ cant withstand the​ cold,​ you​ should go to​ North India during the​ summer season. the​ temperature during that time is​ not as​ cold as​ the​ winter season.
Now that you​ know the​ places that you​ can visit in​ north India,​ you​ can contact a​ travel agency and book your travel in​ advance. the​ winter season in​ India is​ also the​ peak season for the​ influx of​ tourists and so it​ would be best to​ plan ahead of​ time,​ otherwise,​ you​ will not get the​ best services because the​ accommodations are limited. Planning can really take so much of​ your time but with the​ help of​ a​ travel agency,​ your troubles are lessened. if​ you​ take into consideration these travel recommendations for northern India in​ winter,​ you​ will have the​ greatest time of​ your life despite the​ cold climate.
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