Travel Preparation For Trips At Sea

Packing your bags for a​ cruise may seem like a​ no-brainer but there is​ travel preparation involved. While forgetting an​ item or​ two won’t ruin your vacation,​ it​ will create unnecessary headaches and hassles. Here are some things to​ remember when packing for your trip.

Cruise ships are not required to​ have doctors or​ medical facilities. That being said,​ there is​ usually a​ first aid station and a​ physician or​ nurse onboard. the​ ship’s gift shop usually stocks some basic over the​ counter medication but you’ll pay for the​ convenience. you​ can also purchase things at​ your ports of​ call but dealing with this hassle can take away from enjoying your trip.

First off,​ make a​ list of​ the​ things that you​ usually forget. After you’re done packing consult your list to​ make sure you​ haven’t forgotten anything.

Be prepared for the​ sun. the​ sun can be the​ most deceiving in​ cool weather destinations or​ when it​ is​ overcast. While returning with a​ nice bronze glow can be ideal,​ don’t be over anxious. Bring sun block and sunscreen and apply it​ frequently. Getting a​ burn early on​ in​ your vacation will limit your activities on​ your cruise ship tour and make for a​ less enjoyable holiday. Don’t forget a​ hat,​ sunglasses,​ and lip balm as​ well. Again,​ you​ can (and should) buy these onboard the​ ship but it​ will be an​ added hassle and expense. if​ you’re especially sensitive to​ the​ sun then consider bringing loose fitting long sleeve shirts and long pants; linen clothing is​ perfect for the​ warm weather.

Sea sickness is​ a​ problem for many and if​ you​ have a​ tendency to​ get sea sick then come prepared. Bring sea sickness pills or​ other alternative treatments. Remember that the​ center of​ the​ ship sways the​ least. Your first couple of​ hours (if not day) will be adjusting to​ the​ movement of​ the​ ship so don’t plan any big activities.

Pack all of​ your prescription medication since filling a​ prescription will be a​ hassle,​ if​ not impossible,​ at​ sea. Make a​ copy of​ your prescriptions or​ a​ copy of​ the​ medicine bottle; if​ you​ loose your medication then replacing it​ will be easier. It’s also a​ good idea to​ bring an​ over the​ counter medicine kit for tummy aches,​ headaches and allergies. if​ you’ll be traveling to​ other countries,​ your digestive system may not be immune to​ the​ bacteria in​ the​ food and water. Your doctor can prescribe you​ anti-diarrhea pills to​ take just in​ case you​ encounter this problem.

With some travel preparation you​ can have a​ cruise ship tour that is​ hassle free. Protect yourself from the​ sun,​ prepare for sea sickness and remember your medicine.
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