Travel Phobia And Fear Of Driving

Travel phobia is​ a​ particular form of​ anxiety that may occur after a​ person has been involved in​ some kind of​ accident,​ maybe a​ road or​ rail crash. They may have escaped physically unscathed from the​ incident,​ however they might well have perceived it​ as​ a​ potential threat to​ their well being,​ physical health or​ indeed life.

Anyone suffering from travel phobia is​ likely to​ avoid travelling as​ much as​ is​ possible. if​ forced to​ travel by car,​ they are likely to​ prefer to​ be in​ control of​ the​ car,​ rather than be a​ passenger. During the​ journey they will be perpetually alert,​ scanning the​ road for potential accident causing situations. By the​ time they arrive at​ their destination,​ they are often irritable,​ tense and exhausted. This only serves to​ reinforce the​ phobic response.

Some individuals will refuse to​ even travel by car,​ bus or​ rail despite the​ drastic upheaval this will cause in​ their day-to-day lives. This avoidance is​ one of​ the​ reasons phobias are maintained as​ the​ sufferer is​ not exposed to​ the​ situations they fear and therefore cannot come to​ terms with their phobia.

Fear of​ driving or​ Hodophobia can be triggered by a​ variety of​ different factors and can manifest itself as​ anything from mild nervousness to​ an​ incapacitating full-blown panic attack. These responses are learned behaviours and they are all highly treatable.

Some people are simply terrified of​ even being in​ a​ car,​ whether driving themselves or​ being driven by others. Perhaps they once had a​ panic or​ anxiety attack while driving and suffer under the​ perpetual fear that it​ will happen again. on​ the​ other hand,​ they may fear that other drivers are going to​ lose control.

Many drivers feel comfortable driving on​ familiar roads,​ close to​ where they live for example,​ but grow scared that they might lose control in​ unfamiliar territory. Others may be happy to​ drive on​ ordinary roads but have a​ fear of​ driving on​ motorways or​ dual carriageways.

There are also those who are afraid of​ getting caught in​ heavy traffic,​ or​ driving at​ night or​ in​ difficult weather (sleet,​ snow or​ fog) or​ of​ driving down narrow lanes.
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