Travel Over Fifty

Aging Baby Boomers tend to​ travel differently and I would say somewhat smarter. We look for conveniences that pamper us on​ our long or​ short journeys.

We are shoppers when it​ comes to​ travel. We like a​ short flight,​ the​ best seat at​ the​ lowest fare. Personally I pay a​ little extra for the​ quickest flights with the​ shortest layovers. We can travel off season as​ we are not typically restricted to​ children’s school vacations unless of​ course you​ travel with your grandchildren. Off season usually gets us bigger and better accommodations for longer periods of​ time for less money.

Hopefully,​ we no longer over pack. We find the​ lightest weight luggage for the​ best price. if​ we travel often,​ we learn that heavy luggage only leads to​ backaches and more chiropractic visits than we care to​ admit. We no longer pack heavy carry on​ luggage or​ pretty bags that weigh a​ ton. We opt for good looking and practical. Everything gets lighter as​ we tend to​ have to​ get our stiff bodies from terminal to​ terminal and if​ we lug stuff with us,​ we always swear we will never do it​ again. it​ takes us a​ few times to​ get this. if​ we have anything at​ all with us,​ it​ has wheels or​ fits in​ an​ appropriate looking back pack.

The travel clothes available for us middle age folks has improved tremendously over the​ years. I personally like one company’s travel collection. it​ allows me a​ great up to​ date look all the​ time. Wash,​ dry and roll it​ up and I’m on​ my way. Most areas or​ places have accommodations for laundry and a​ load here or​ there while having breakfast or​ watching a​ movie works right into the​ schedule (most of​ the​ time). Comfortable shoes are a​ must also. No more walking long distances in​ heels. the​ agony isn’t worth it. How pretty can you​ look when you’re dragging yourself along with an​ agonizing look on​ your face. I have invested in​ correctly proportioned great fashion savvy looking walking shoes and it​ was worth the​ money and I‘m much better looking with a​ smile and straighter posture. if​ I can put tires on​ my car,​ I can put expensive,​ good looking shoes on​ my feet. I consider it​ a​ necessary travel expense.

We tend to​ want rooms with a​ view. We like to​ take our time and enjoy our surroundings. Personally,​ I love a​ lanai where I can sit and sip a​ glass of​ good wine and indulge in​ reading an​ awesome mystery. I enjoy the​ ability to​ sit outside in​ wonderful weather and write articles like this. I prefer the​ comforts of​ home away from home. We aging baby boomers tend to​ pick scenery,​ fabulous dining experiences,​ delectable wine and some of​ us,​ golf courses that create an​ ambiance of​ sport and visual delight.
We all have our dreams of​ travel. We all have something we enjoy. How many of​ you​ are creating them as​ your reality? Are you​ making any of​ them happen or​ are you​ waiting to​ retire? I vote on​ these experiences now in​ my life. How about you?
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