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Do you​ ever feel like you​ know just enough about Phuket to​ be dangerous? Let's see if​ we can fill in​ some of​ the​ gaps with the​ latest info from Phuket experts.

sailboats and motor yachts arrived from all over the​ world for the​ sixth annual Phuket Invitational Superyacht Rendezvous. the​ event gathered even more cachet this year at​ its new venue,​ the​ exclusive Resort on​ Phuket's Andaman coast.

The champagne flowed at​ the​ opening cocktail party on​ board the​ classic motor yacht Maid Marian II,​ which was celebrating her 75th birthday. Following cocktails,​ owners and crew were whizzed ashore for another party. Hein Velema of​ the​ principle sponsor Feadship then announced "The Feadship Challenge" over finely flavored canapés. the​ objective was simple: Teams had to​ design and build a​ model Superyacht in​ 15 minutes!

Feadship knows a​ thing or​ two about boats but wasn't giving away any secrets,​ leaving teams scrambling. Hein looked on​ with amused curiosity as​ the​ teams tackled the​ challenge,​ paying homage to​ ancient shipbuilding traditions with balsa wood,​ plastic,​ superglue,​ sailcloth and a​ few basic tools. Suitably inspired by generous quantities of​ Moet and fellow guests,​ the​ teams came up with some super - and not so super - yachts while pondering the​ age-old question,​ "Does size matter?"

The boats took to​ the​ water in​ the​ specially built racing trough. Wind power proved tricky as​ team members attempted to​ blow maximum gale force to​ propel their boats. to​ separate the​ men from the​ boys,​ a​ beer had to​ be downed at​ the​ halfway point. the​ team from Sylvia encountered steering problems,​ while superior wind power assisted Maid Marian through several heats until Yanneke Too - built for speed,​ emerged the​ fastest. "The Best Design" award went to​ the​ Silvertip team for sleek clean lines. "The Ugliest Design" (fast but ugly) went to​ Cordelia for an​ extreme flat bottom.

Truthfully,​ the​ only difference between you​ and Phuket experts is​ time. if​ you'll invest a​ little more time in​ reading,​ you'll be that much nearer to​ expert status when it​ comes to​ Phuket.

The following day dawned with glorious weather conditions. the​ sun shone; a​ fantastic fresh wind blew to​ fill the​ sails; the​ sky was a​ brilliant deep blue - all set against the​ lovely coastline of​ Phuket. Veteran King's Cup race master Andy Dowden,​ reminding everyone "it's a​ rally not a​ regatta,​" set the​ triangular course leading the​ yachts close to​ land. Long legs and downwinds provided spectators with a​ magical sight,​ as​ sails were unfurled in​ majestic splendor.

The classic ketch Sylvia,​ always memorable,​ was an​ inspiring sight as​ southwest winds filled her 600-square meters of​ sail setting her on​ course for Sri Lanka. "Everyone got their passport?" joked Capt. Bryce after Sylvia missed the​ starting line. the​ 5O-year-old lady was challenged with rigging and renegade sails that took a​ lot of​ combined muscle to​ rein in. as​ every year,​ she followed a​ slightly different course. Capt. Bryce acknowledged that perhaps a​ few regatta rules had been broken,​ but everything was fine.

Yanneke Too - operating with push-button efficiency led the​ field. After an​ exciting start,​ which had Yanneke Too and Intrigue neck and neck,​ Yanneke the​ only boat that hoisted her fabulous spinnaker,​ made headway. Unfortunately the​ spinnaker just dipped in​ the​ water and Intrigue sailed sovereign in​ the​ winner's position.

This year's Invitational captured a​ moment in​ history. Following last year's tsunami,​ Phuket and the​ Andaman coast have made an​ incredible recovery and many visitors felt a​ new era was beginning for the​ region. the​ sponsors,​ including organizing sponsor SEAL Superyachts,​ see Asia and especially Phuket emerging as​ the​ ultimate yachting destination in​ the​ not-too-distant future.

At the​ final gala dinner their predictions seemed to​ be on​ track. the​ private beach was beautifully decked out. the​ lavish buffet included fresh Andaman seafood and an​ array of​ sensuous chocolate delights. Lashings of​ champagne added to​ the​ general bonhomie as​ dozens of​ traditional hot air lanterns were launched in​ the​ night sky,​ forming a​ canopy of​ tiny lights above the​ yachts. "

That's how things stand right now. Keep in​ mind that any subject can change over time,​ so be sure you​ keep up with the​ latest news.
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