Travel Off The Beaten Path For A Great American Adventure

When it​ comes to​ travel,​ most people opt for the​ vacation standards: a​ cruise,​ a​ Disney vacation,​ or​ booking a​ hotel in​ New York or​ another major city. Yet there are many American vacation destinations that are often overlooked - cities that offer wonderful sights and sounds,​ and even better value. When you​ book travel to​ one of​ these destinations,​ you're sure to​ be delighted and surprised - and all the​ more appreciative of​ what our great country has to​ offer.

Think about it. When was the​ last time you​ visited Cleveland? Unless you're from the​ Midwest,​ chances are you've never been there. That's means that you've never experienced the​ gorgeous architecture of​ I.M. Pei's Rock and Roll Hall of​ Fame,​ nor have you​ seen Jimi Hendrix's handwritten lyrics to​ "Purple Haze." While you're in​ Cleveland,​ you​ can catch a​ Cleveland Indians baseball game,​ attend a​ performance of​ the​ Cleveland Orchestra,​ and visit the​ Cleveland Museum of​ Art. if​ you're into thrills and chills,​ you​ can rent a​ car and drive about an​ hour and a​ half to​ go to​ the​ "Rollercoaster Capital of​ the​ World" in​ Sandusky,​ Ohio.

If you've never been to​ the​ American Southwest,​ you're missing both rich history and fantastic fun. a​ vacation to​ Austin,​ Texas,​ gives you​ the​ best of​ both worlds: the​ features of​ a​ big city with the​ atmosphere of​ a​ small town. Home to​ the​ University of​ Texas and,​ of​ course,​ the​ Texas State Capitol building,​ Austin is​ known as​ the​ "Live Music Capital of​ the​ World." if​ an​ evening listening to​ music isn't your thing,​ perhaps hanging out with one and a​ half million bats under the​ Congress Avenue Bridge will do the​ trick. During the​ day,​ you​ can visit the​ Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library or​ visit one of​ the​ city's 20 museums.

If you​ love outdoor adventures,​ Bangor,​ Maine,​ should definitely be on​ your travel itinerary. Home to​ author Stephen King,​ Bangor is​ the​ perfect place from which to​ explore the​ Maine Highlands,​ Acadia National Park,​ and quaint fishing villages. With nearby mountains,​ coastlines,​ lakes,​ rivers,​ and some of​ the​ best fall foliage to​ be found,​ Bangor is​ the​ perfect travel destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

In case you​ haven't heard,​ there's more to​ Florida than a​ Disney vacation. Sarasota,​ Fla.,​ located on​ the​ state's Gulf Coast,​ offers spectacular white sand beaches and numerous small islands. it​ was also the​ resting spot for the​ Ringling Brothers,​ so when you're not clowning around,​ you​ can visit the​ Ringling Estate,​ two Circus museums,​ and an​ art museum.

One of​ the​ best things about vacation destinations that are a​ bit off the​ beaten path is​ that it's often a​ bargain to​ travel there and to​ stay there. Online travel packages often include both airline and hotel accommodations at​ steeply discounted rates. the​ best online travel companies allow you​ to​ choose,​ for example,​ the​ hotel room and type as​ well as​ flight options. So,​ the​ next time you​ think about packing your bags,​ consider travel to​ one of​ America's overlooked vacation destinations.
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