Travel More Than The Home Court Is The Key Factor In Nba Betting

With the​ exception of​ talent,​ when it​ comes to​ NBA betting,​ the​ most important factor to​ consider is​ the​ home court,​ right?

Well,​ not exactly.

Actually,​ there's not much difference in​ courts. They're all made of​ wood and while the​ court logos are of​ varying colors,​ designs and questionable tastes,​ all have a​ 10-foot basket at​ each end. Supposedly,​ there's some advantage to​ "knowing the​ rims" but since metal mostly comes into play on​ missed shots and no one deliberately tries to​ miss,​ it's difficult to​ see where the​ advantage lies. Yes,​ we know from a​ rudimentary 10th grade course in​ physics that longer shots produce longer rebounds but the​ direction of​ the​ carom is​ based more on​ the​ trajectory of​ the​ shot than anything to​ do with the​ condition of​ the​ rims.

Another supposed advantage of​ the​ home court is​ the​ local fans. But it's hard to​ accept the​ notion that professionals,​ who balk at​ signing autographs unless they're paid,​ are motivated by the​ very same people they so willingly shun. Besides,​ what did all that ranting and raving by Spike Lee at​ Madison Square Garden ever do for New York? Reggie Miller still did the​ right thing by the​ Pacers and destroyed the​ Knicks.

The final alleged advantage of​ playing at​ home is​ that players gain some sort of​ "comfort level" from sleeping in​ their own beds. Excuse me,​ but weren't you​ paying attention to​ the​ Gold Club trial in​ Atlanta a​ few years ago? Based on​ the​ evidence,​ it​ seems that many a​ player readily would relinquish a​ night under his own satin sheets if​ an,​ ahem,​ "dancer" were made available for some companionship.

That being said,​ there is​ an​ advantage to​ playing at​ home but it​ has little to​ do with the​ court,​ the​ fans or​ the​ sleeping conditions. it​ has everything to​ do with getting to​ the​ court.

Clear and simple,​ visiting teams are disadvantaged most by travel,​ a​ factor we touched on​ but did not fully explore in​ a​ previous article. in​ fact,​ how far a​ team has to​ travel,​ how many time zones it​ crosses,​ the​ direction it​ travels and how many games it's forced to​ play in​ a​ given number of​ nights are crucial elements in​ both NBA oddsmaking and NBA betting.

Remember how tired and out of​ synch you​ were after a​ cross Atlantic flight? Now try running six miles (the average distance a​ basketball player runs in​ a​ game) in​ a​ different venue,​ three out of​ four or​ four out of​ six nights and see how it​ impacts your athletic performance. NBA betting pros understand that no team can be “up” for every game,​ that fatigue can become a​ significant factor,​ and pointspreads often grow in​ proportion to​ the​ length of​ a​ road trip.

It's also worth noting that it's more difficult on​ the​ body to​ travel against the​ sun,​ or​ west to​ east,​ than it​ is​ to​ go east to​ west. So,​ NBA teams based in​ the​ Western and Rocky Mountain Time Zones often are disadvantaged more by long road trips than are teams in​ the​ Eastern and Central Time Zones. One way they overcome this handicap is​ by flying all the​ way east to​ start the​ road trip then work their way back west.

Oddsmakers and NBA betting experts not only consider the​ journey of​ the​ road team but also note whether the​ home team has been stationed in​ familiar confines for a​ period of​ time or​ is​ itself just returning from a​ lengthy trip.

Often overlooked by the​ casual player,​ savvy bettors understand that it's always important to​ check the​ schedule.

Interestingly,​ despite playing 82 home games to​ gain one extra postseason home date in​ a​ series,​ the​ home court means less in​ the​ playoffs than it​ does during the​ regular season. Generally,​ that's because teams in​ a​ post-season series have similar travel itineraries. For example,​ if​ San Antonio and Sacramento are set to​ square off in​ a​ best-of-seven series beginning in​ Texas,​ once the​ Kings visit the​ Spurs for the​ initial two games in​ the​ series,​ the​ teams will have similar travel schedules,​ flying to​ Northern California within hours of​ each other. That also will be the​ case if​ a​ return flight to​ San Antonio is​ needed to​ finish the​ series. the​ sameness of​ travel mitigates the​ home court advantage.

Yes,​ talent counts in​ NBA betting,​ but cagey bettors also understand that it’s important to​ check those schedules before placing a​ wager.
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