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London Bridge may have fallen,​ but this tenacious society has a​ knack for bouncing back from just about anything. Although much of​ the​ city's visible history has been wiped out by centuries of​ fires,​ rebuilding and modernization,​ London is​ inescapably a​ prevailing icon of​ the​ global past,​ present and future. Museums,​ monuments and the​ presence of​ the​ Royal Family all maintain an​ air of​ London's ancient and imperial history about the​ city.

The London Reality: From Lackluster to​ Illustrious
During the​ Industrial Revolution,​ London was by far the​ most polluted city in​ the​ world. the​ infamous London Fog killed thousands of​ people while Parliament had to​ move away from the​ River Thames due to​ the​ unbearable stench. London cleaned up its act since then but the​ streets are still a​ composite of​ poverty and wealth,​ doldrums and brilliance. the​ proximity of​ these realities is​ what makes London so fascinating and unique to​ the​ city's visitors.

The Tate Modern Museum is​ a​ leading example of​ how London likes to​ reinvent itself. the​ exclusively contemporary museum is​ housed in​ the​ old Bankside Power Station,​ contributing an​ industrial,​ factory-like feel with sharp lines and a​ smokestack exterior. From the​ Tate,​ the​ sleek Millennium Footbridge stretches across the​ Thames with the​ elegant St. Paul's Cathedral jutting paradoxically into the​ sky beyond. Just down the​ bank,​ Shakespeare's Globe Theatre also stands in​ a​ dilemma of​ time periods. the​ shiny plated sphere shatters the​ mental image of​ Old English literature and seems to​ be a​ modern nod to​ a​ coveted and precious part of​ London's cultural identity. in​ the​ center of​ London's progressive bustle,​ Buckingham Palace sits as​ regally as​ it​ ever has while visitors press up against the​ iron gates daily to​ view the​ ceremonious changing of​ the​ guard.

London stands apart from other major cities due to​ its unusually expansive range of​ parklands. Hyde Park once served as​ Henry VIII's hunting ground and covers 350 acres of​ land,​ divided by Serpentine Lake. the​ Park is​ used for many public events and is​ contiguous with the​ prestigious Kensington Gardens. an​ interesting twist to​ greenery can be found in​ the​ Highgate Cemetery,​ known for its eerie Victorian-Gothic tombs and overgrown catacombs.

Eat,​ Drink,​ Shop,​ and be Merry
Busy Londoners love to​ consume and indulge. Even in​ this rather fast-paced commercial capital,​ the​ nightlife is​ even more tireless. Pubs are packed in​ the​ early evenings and some of​ the​ world's most famous nightclubs rage until dawn. the​ world's top restaurants are booked until midnight and offer some of​ the​ finest dining experiences anywhere,​ with a​ focus on​ international cuisine. During your stay in​ London you​ will indulge,​ buy,​ see and schmooze,​ but any attempt to​ schedule sleep into your itinerary may be foiled. For more information,​ visit
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