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How many times have you​ returned from a​ trip only to​ discover that at​ least some of​ the​ clothes you​ packed in​ your suitcase were left folded without ever seeing the​ light of​ the​ day? Well,​ I do not about your traveling packing skills,​ but I had to​ work on​ mine before being able to​ state that I am now officially a​ "light" traveler!

I still remember the​ first time I began packing for a​ trip overseas and laying out all those stuff I originally thought of​ carrying to​ the​ other side of​ the​ Atlantic. My bed was full and the​ carpet around it​ seemed pretty packed as​ well. I panicked when I dragged my "perfect-sized" suitcase inside the​ room only to​ discover that it​ could barely fit one third of​ the​ things I have placed on​ or​ near the​ bed. I recall laughing at​ the​ sight of​ the​ suitcase in​ comparison with the​ heavy load scattered around my bedroom. There was no way anything would fit in​ there! I placed the​ suitcase at​ an​ empty corner and before aborting this impossible mission,​ I tried to​ check off my list what seemed as​ unnecessary or​ over the​ top. For example,​ regardless of​ the​ cold weather,​ nobody needs three pair of​ gloves. the​ four pair of​ jeans became two,​ and so forth. By the​ time I had successfully stacked almost half of​ my previous previously exposed wardrobe back into my closet space,​ I felt hungry,​ confused,​ and that more than three hours have passed; even though this process took me not more than one. But then I discovered with pleasure that I was able to​ fit my belongings to​ my black medium-sized carry-on luggage and I felt proud of​ my accomplishment.

Since then,​ I have packed,​ unpacked,​ and repacked my possessions tiny or​ big,​ heavy or​ light,​ useful or​ slightly not,​ more than 100 times. I am not considering myself to​ be an​ expert,​ but I have certainly advanced my ability to​ see,​ before it​ is​ too late,​ if​ the​ stuff I want to​ carry can actually be carried and safely reach their destination point. My advice to​ all of​ you​ that have gone through a​ similar experience or​ are planning to​ board a​ ship,​ enter an​ airplane,​ or​ ride a​ train,​ is​ to​ travel light. Not only you​ will save precious space in​ your luggage for the​ things you​ will want to​ buy during your vacations,​ but most importantly you​ are able to​ carry your belongings without feeling that you​ could have done a​ better job. Although when I unpack I still discover something I did not wear or​ use while being away,​ I am certainly a​ better backpacker and I managed to​ survive during all those endless hours that I had to​ wait to​ get on​ board,​ without hurting my back,​ arm or​ neck. Good luck with your packing business and remember to​ have fun during your much desired recreational trip.
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