Travel Light Its The Weigh To Go

It certainly makes sense to​ travel lighter these days. Many of​ the​ airlines are charging additional fees for overweight luggage. They have a​ 50 to​ 75 lbs. weight maximum per bag. With large suitcases weighting up to​ 20 lbs. empty that does not leave a​ lot of​ room for clothes and other assorted items. It's time to​ learn to​ travel more efficiently.

to​ start with,​ look for lighter weight luggage or​ downsize to​ a​ smaller sized piece. It's not practical to​ take those oversized 30" or​ 31" suitcases. Plan to​ start with no larger than a​ 29" case. Then look for the​ lighter weight brands. Many pieces of​ luggage,​ that are now advertised as​ "light weight",​ are in​ reality no lighter than the​ old pieces. Make sure you​ actually lift the​ case before purchasing. you​ do not have to​ sacrifice quality either,​ as​ there are many truly lightweight cases available in​ the​ better fabrics with the​ better wheel systems.

Try to​ limit the​ number of​ pairs of​ shoes you​ are taking. Shoes and sneakers are much heavier than clothing. Check out the​ many travel accessories available. Take along travel sizes of​ toothpaste,​ shampoo,​ and all to​ the​ other assorted sundries you​ cannot live without. if​ you​ are packing a​ hairdryer,​ take one that is​ compact and designed for travel. Also think about bringing a​ small travel steamer instead of​ an​ iron. These are lighter weight and work quite well,​ steaming out all of​ the​ packing wrinkles quickly and efficiently.

Instead of​ bringing along a​ heavy raincoat,​ purchase one of​ the​ super light umbrellas that are now available. These are made of​ airplane aluminum and weigh only a​ few ounces. There are also foldable rain slickers available that are lighter than a​ raincoat would be and they work well in​ an​ emergency.

Weigh your case before you​ go. Stand on​ the​ scale with the​ suitcase,​ then deduct your weight. or​ there are also several portable scales available that you​ can hook to​ the​ luggage and lift. This will save you​ the​ arguments and the​ surcharges you'll get at​ the​ airport. There's also new luggage that just became available with an​ actual scale built in​ to​ the​ top of​ the​ suitcase. of​ course,​ that will eliminate the​ excuse at​ the​ airport that (a) you​ did not know or​ (b) that it​ weighed less at​ home!

Plan your wardrobe with "mix and match" items. One pair of​ slacks can be teamed with several different tops. There are also lightweight reversible jackets that can be dressed up or​ down. These are very lightweight and completely wrinkle free so they are a​ natural choice.

if​ you​ plan on​ doing shopping,​ there are folding bags you​ can use to​ pack your purchases for the​ trip home. This way you​ will not overload your luggage. Most trips allow for 2 bags per person,​ as​ well as​ one carry-on and one personal bag.
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