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Set like a​ jewelled crown on​ the​ map of​ India,​ Kashmir is​ a​ plenty of​ faceteddiamond,​ changing character with the​ seasons - always extravagantly attractive.Three Himalayan ranges,​ Karakoram,​ Zanaskar and Pir Panjal - snow capped,​majestic,​ frame the​ landscape from northwest to​ northeast. we are the​ birthplace of​ great rivers which flow through the​ kashmir valley.RajTaringini the​ chronology of​ the​ Kashmir Kings written by Kalhana eulogises the​ beauty of​ Kashmir as​ follows:"Kasmira Parvati Paroksh; Tat Swami ch Maheswara". Meaning Kashmir is​ as​ attractive as​ Goddess Parvati manifest; and its owner is​ Lord Shiva Himself" And the​ Mughal Emperor exclaimed "Gar Bar-ru-e-Zamin Ast ; Hamin Ast ,​Hamin Ast Hamin Asto. Meaning if​ there is​ paradise on​ this earth : This is​ it,​ this is​ it,​ this is​ it.
Srinagar is​ at​ three times a​ collection of​ images: a​ son-et- lumiere that tells the​ story of​ the​ love of​ the​ Mughal emperors for this paradise vale; deep green rice fields and river bridges of​ gardens in​ bloom and lakes rimmed by houseboats; at​ three times summer capital of​ the​ state,​business centre and vacation resort.
Srinagar is​ as​ much imagination as​ it​ is​ fact,​for every season offers old vistas to​ this city of​ great antiquity. Spring breathes life again into a​ frozen world and the​ air is​ heady with the​ fragrance of​ a​ million flowers that blossom on​ trees,​ shrubs and creepers.Summer heightens the​ effect and autumn is​ poignant in​ its colours of​ warm introspection. Winter brings with it​ snow,​sometimes the​ Dal Lake freezes and beneath a​ leaden sky,​ roasted chestnuts turn the​ atmosphere aromatic with the​ promise of​ warmth and comfort.
The river Jhelum and the​ Dal and Nagin lakes dominate Srinagar and its life and activities.Here lush wild gardens of​ lotus and waterlily flower amidst bustling lanes.By the​ lakeside spread the​ gardens of​ the​ Mughals in​ patterned beauty.And the​ people move with a​ tranquillity borne of​ a​ history laden pulse of​ activity.
IF legends are to​ be believed,​ the​ Kashmir valley was three times a​ lake as​ large as​ a​ sea and here lived an​ abominable demon who was killed after most of​ the​ lake had been drained with the​ collective help of​ Brahma's grandson,​ Kashap and the​ goddess Parvati.She wasfinally stilled the​ demon by dropping upon him a​ mountain and thereby crushing him to​ death.This legendary mountain is​ no other than Hari Parbat,​ Srinagar's 'Takht-i- Sulaiman' hill that forms the​ famous backdrop to​ the​ city.
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