Travel Jokes

Travel Jokes
Traveling can be a​ humbling experience,​ particularly when you​ travel to​ a​ foreign country .​
Such experiences,​ of​ course,​ give rise to​ travel jokes .​
Travel Jokes
1 .​
Three brothers are sitting at​ the​ bar in​ a​ Moscow establishment .​
An older man is​ sitting at​ a​ table behind them and has obviously had too much vodka .​
He stands,​ walks up to​ the​ first brother and says,​
Your mother is​ a​ vicious,​ greedy woman!
The brother tells him to​ shut up and go sit down .​
After about 5 minutes,​ the​ old man stands and walks up to​ the​ second brother,​
I sleep with your mother whenever I​ want!
Disgusted,​ the​ brother tells the​ old man to​ bugger off .​
A few minutes later,​ the​ old man stands and starts walking towards the​ third brother .​
All three brothers turn around and yell,​
Dad,​ go home!
2 .​
You’re at​ a​ bad hotel when the​ bed mint moves .​
3 .​
Visi,​ Vermini,​ Vomnui – I​ visited,​ I​ freaked,​ I​ threw up.
4 .​
The President’s Vacation
George and Laura Bush take a​ vacation to​ Crawford and decide to​ go the​ grocery store .​
In the​ checkout line,​ Laura recognizes the​ man working at​ the​ register as​ an​ old high school boyfriend .​
After chatting,​ they leave the​ store and George says,​
Wow,​ imagine if​ you​ had married him .​
You’d be married to​ a​ grocery store clerk now instead of​ the​ President of​ the​ United States.
Laura rolls her eyes and says,​ No .​
I’d be married to​ the​ President of​ the​ United States.
5 .​
Veni,​ Veneri,​ Vamoosi – I​ came,​ I​ caught a​ disease,​ I​ ran away.
Typically,​ just the​ act of​ traveling produces more than a​ few funny moments .​
Get out there and go.
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