Travel Industry Chooses Travelpro

Travelpro luggage is​ the​ choice of​ over 425,​000 worldwide flight personnel and is​ consistently rated high by travel experts. Though the​ Travelpro line was originally designed for flight personnel,​ experts say it's should be the​ choice of​ all travelers alike. Travelpro luggage was the​ first brand to​ design rolling luggage,​ known as​ Rollaboard.

The Travelpro luggage line is​ excellent in​ quality and durability. Each line is​ rated highly by experts and stands on​ it​ own. Travelpro lugagge carries an​ array of​ luggage from its top rated rolling luggage collection to​ garment rolling bags,​ rolling carry-on bags,​ totes,​ duffels,​ and rolling business cases.

Here is​ a​ brief detail of​ the​ Travelpro Luggage top selling collection line:

• Platinum 4SE - Travelpro's premiere line of​ luggage

• Crew5 - Considered by luggage experts to​ be one of​ the​ best luggage values available

• FlightPro3 - the​ new line is​ now 25% lighter than the​ previous,​ yet still made with good quality,​ durable materials

• WalkAboutLite - This line features light weight and full frame construction

• Wall Street - Collection of​ business and computer cases

What Travel Experts Say About Travelpro

Top ratings from travel experts are a​ regular occurrence when it​ comes to​ Travelpro luggage. What do magazine reviews and consumers have to​ say about Travelpro luggage? the​ following are a​ few excerpts from current reviews:

Popular Magazines:

• Good Housekeeping - "Best of​ laptop computer cases" and "Case study: safest laptop bag". and "Best getaway gear" and "Top nod for large uprights"

• Consumer Digest - Second year in​ a​ row of​ "Top Rated" and "Best Buy"


• "I've had many rolling totes in​ the​ past,​ and this is​ by far the​ best I've had"

• "I really like my Travelpro luggage. I actually have three separate pieces right now and plan to​ add another piece in​ the​ near future. the​ bags are well built and hold up well to​ abuse handed out by some airlines"

• "Am in​ love with my Travelpro luggage; looks & feels sturdy; attractive & comfortable; holds a​ lot; plenty of​ compartments"

Whether going by air,​ sea,​ road,​ or​ rail,​ Travelpro's desire is​ to​ deliver products that will heighten your travel experience.

You to​ should purchase top rated Travelpro luggage today,​ where quality counts and low prices do too.
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