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Travel to​ India and Visit Majestic Mumbai
In the​ United States,​ New York is​ known as​ the​ 'city that never sleeps' .​
Its counterpart in​ India is​ Mumbai .​
India is​ among the​ favorite tourist destinations at​ present .​
Despite the​ small troubles that occur in​ the​ streets of​ India,​ tourists still love to​ go to​ this magnificent and alluring country .​
Maybe because of​ its glorious past or​ perhaps of​ its scenic tourist spots… India is​ a​ place that you​ shouldn’t miss to​ visit .​
If you​ travel to​ India,​ visit Mumbai .​
Mumbai is​ a​ very important commercial center in​ India .​
So far,​ it​ is​ the​ largest metropolitan area and is​ densely populated .​
The so-called Star Machine of​ the​ country is​ found in​ Mumbai,​ Bollywood .​
This Star Machine is​ able to​ come up with motion pictures more than what Hollywood can produce .​
The entertainment industry in​ India is​ booming and its popularity around the​ world is​ ever increasing .​
Indian cinema has definitely contributed to​ the​ country's cultural and economic context .​
The metropolitan area is​ located in​ the​ coastal area .​
Almost half of​ India's sea cargo and traffic is​ catered in​ this sea harbor .​
Many years ago,​ Mumbai was a​ 7-island archipelago .​
Way back in​ the​ nineteenth century,​ the​ archipelago was amalgamated .​
Geographical features in​ Mumbai are diverse and so if​ you​ visit this city at​ any time of​ the​ year,​ you​ will experience tropical weather .​
Mumbai's culture is​ a​ reflection of​ many cultural influences .​
The city celebrates both the​ eastern and western festivals .​
These festivals are much awaited by the​ tourists and so you​ have to​ know when the​ festivals are being celebrated .​
This represents unity despite the​ differences within the​ city .​
India is​ a​ country with different religions and beliefs but still,​ the​ entire country remains peaceful and very accommodating to​ tourists .​
Heritage sites are also located in​ Mumbai which includes Elephanta Caves and Chatrapati Shivaji .​
When you're already in​ India,​ do check with your travel agency or​ the​ tourist guide if​ you​ can visit the​ sites because this might be your only chance to​ visit the​ place .​
The city was only called Mumbai in​ 1995 but before that,​ local residents called it​ Bombay .​
The city is​ a​ hub for the​ manufacturing industry,​ transportation,​ and commercial .​
The name Mumbai was derived from a​ Hindu Goddess known as​ Mumba or​ Parvati .​
While you're in​ Mumbai,​ you​ should also see India's Gateway .​
This is​ a​ structure that sea travelers first see when they arrive at​ the​ harbor .​
There are also monuments in​ the​ city like the​ Gothic style Presidency Secretariat,​ University Hall and Tower,​ Clock Tower of​ Rajabai,​ and High Court .​
If you're looking for a​ castle in​ this city,​ you​ should go to​ the​ Horniman Circle .​
You can find the​ castle in​ the​ fort area's center .​
There are still many things to​ see in​ Mumbai aside from those mentioned awhile earlier .​
Your tourist guide can show you​ around the​ city of​ Mumbai .​
If you​ want,​ before you​ travel to​ India,​ you​ should already conduct a​ research about Mumbai and choose the​ specific locations that you​ want to​ visit .​
If you're not staying long in​ India or​ in​ Mumbai,​ make sure that you​ visit the​ most popular tourist spots so that your travel is​ not wasted .​
You can even take pictures if​ you​ like so that you​ can show your friends and family how wonderful the​ country is​ .​
Plan your trip or​ travel to​ India and visit Mumbai while you​ have the​ chance.
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