Travel In The United States Since The Terrorist Attacks Of 9 11 How Have Things Changed

Long gone are the​ days when an​ airline passenger is​ able to​ go straight to​ the​ gate and catch their flight. as​ you​ all know,​ the​ way we think about travel has been profoundly changed by the​ events of​ Sept. 11 and their aftermath. These shifts have had a​ practical and psychological impact on​ all of​ us. Most of​ these changes have taken place in​ the​ airline industry although other parts of​ the​ travel industry and the​ nation as​ a​ whole have been forced to​ adjust also. Immediately after Sept. 11,​ as​ you​ know,​ travel was drastically reduced virtually across the​ planet. in​ the​ past year,​ it​ has been steadily picking up. However,​ in​ most cases,​ it​ has not reached pre-September 11 levels. Domestic travel in​ the​ United States has recovered much more quickly than international travel. in​ fact,​ domestic travel has been very strong this summer,​ with some destinations such as​ the​ national parks are reporting record breaking numbers of​ visitors. International travel has been picking up too,​ but more slowly. Recently,​ more people are beginning to​ plan international trips again.

How has Sept. 11 affected the​ traveler? Well,​ many of​ you​ are no doubt familiar with the​ practical changes that have come about after 9-11. These have especially impacted air travelers. Airport security is​ much tighter. Access is​ much more rigorously restricted. Long lines are visible inside terminals and sometimes along the​ sidewalks outside the​ airport buildings. in​ short,​ you​ have to​ wait longer and in​ more lines than you​ used to. as​ a​ result,​ whether you​ are flying domestically or​ internationally,​ it​ is​ necessary to​ arrive at​ airports earlier than before,​ and make sure that all your documents are in​ order. One of​ the​ more drastic changes is​ that all security screeners at​ United States airports have been professionally trained. Passenger’s carry on​ items are passed through an​ X-ray machine where they are checked for what in​ today’s terms are considered dangerous items such as​ knives,​ corkscrews,​ etc. Until just recently,​ scissors were considered a​ threatening item. They are now allowed in​ carry-on bags as​ long as​ they are no more than 4" at​ blade length. Screeners are now more frequently performing random searches of​ baggage and performing passenger pat downs. 100% of​ all checked baggage is​ checked for explosives and other dangerous items. Now all passengers are required to​ go to​ the​ ticket counter before check in. Passengers must have some form of​ government issued ID such as​ a​ state drivers’ license or​ passport. if​ you​ do not have ID,​ you​ are not getting on​ an​ airplane. Most airports allow only ticketed passengers to​ go to​ the​ departing gate,​ and you​ now have to​ walk quite a​ stretch before your loved ones can greet you​ upon arrival.

Even the​ airplanes themselves are more secure. After 9/11,​ when the​ Department of​ Homeland Security was put into place,​ they were given the​ task of​ performing vulnerability assessments on​ over 75 of​ the​ United States’ major airports and actual airline security systems. as​ a​ result,​ every US larger passenger aircraft has now been equipped with hardened cockpit doors. Thousands of​ federal air marshals were assigned to​ flights in​ order to​ help ensure the​ safety of​ passengers,​ and to​ guard against terrorist acts. We have just recently witnessed an​ unfortunate event where a​ person on​ an​ aircraft claiming to​ have a​ bomb was shot by an​ air marshal. Make no mistake about it; these security measures are very serious.

Psychologically,​ the​ changes have been profound. Americans are skittish travelers,​ and they tend to​ somewhat indiscriminately lump together vast portions of​ the​ world. After Sept. 11,​ they have tended to​ avoid travel to​ any country in​ the​ Middle East and much of​ Asia,​ as​ well as​ India and Pakistan. For the​ traveler,​ one of​ the​ results of​ travel in​ a​ post-9/11 world is​ that you​ need to​ be better informed about your destination. it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ read up on​ the​ places you​ are planning to​ visit,​ to​ understand their history,​ laws,​ cultures,​ customs and current conditions. the​ more you​ know about your destination,​ the​ better prepared you​ will be to​ anticipate problems that could have been avoided.

Changes within the​ travel insurance industry as​ well have taken place as​ a​ result of​ the​ September 11th terrorist attacks. Currently some travel insurance companies provide coverage for terrorist attacks committed in​ the​ United States of​ America such as​ CSA Travel Protection ( Prior to​ 9/11,​ travel insurance only covered terrorist attacks committed overseas. Along with the​ travel insurance industry the​ methods Americans use to​ plan their trips have changed because of​ 9/11. More than 60% of​ US vacationers are now using the​ Internet to​ plan their vacations either alone or​ with assistance of​ a​ professional travel agent. Americans had already known about travel information and travel business on​ the​ Internet prior to​ September 11th,​ but many more began to​ utilize it​ after the​ attacks. a​ lot of​ online travel deals became available from airline companies and hotels desperate to​ regain business directly after 9/11. it​ soon became widely known that great travel deals were available online. Many comprehensive or​ all-inclusive packages have become popular due to​ value-added offers that have enticed many Americans to​ re-evaluate and re-adjust their take on​ travel. With the​ proper planning and contextual awareness,​ traveling can be enjoyable again

Although the​ terrorist attacks of​ September 11,​ 2001 are in​ no way seen as​ something positive,​ these same horrific events have lead to​ many improvements to​ the​ safety and security of​ travel within the​ United States. Some of​ these new security practices may seem like an​ inconvenience but they have been set up to​ ensure the​ safety and continuity of​ American and friendly foreign travelers traumatized by the​ events of​ September 11th.
Travel In The United States Since The Terrorist Attacks Of 9 11 How Have Things Changed Travel In The United States Since The Terrorist Attacks Of 9 11 How
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