Travel In Brisbane And The Sunshine Coast

With a​ population of​ 1,​600,​000 and with an​ area of​ approximately 525 square miles,​ Brisbane has shucked the​ reputation it​ had as​ a​ backwater and changed it​ to​ a​ reputation that the​ people living there can be proud of,​ being one of​ the​ country's most progressive centers. Brisbane has a​ number of​ interesting locations such as​ a​ great riverside park and a​ good street cafe scene. Brisbane's cultural calendar is​ quite busy and the​ nightlife is​ thirving too.

Locally,​ Brisbane is​ known as​ Bris Vegas,​ renowned elsewhere for the​ sun and the​ brash,​ grlitzy hordes that follow it. Brisbane is​ also an​ arts capital that is​ thriving,​ it​ has lot's of​ theatres,​ concert halls,​ museums and galleries. it​ must be paradise with a​ climate this good.

Brisbane is​ placed in​ a​ good location where the​ weather is​ in​ a​ delightful contrast to​ the​ chilly weather further south,​ Brisbane
is most pleasant in​ winter time,​ June to​ August,​ when the​ days are warm and sunny and the​ nights are cool. All that while not suffering from the​ further north stifling humidity. Between June and August,​ a​ lot of​ people from Sydney and Melbourne move up north so a​ crows could be expected.

The Sunshine Coast

Not more than an​ hour drive from Brisbane you​ can reach the​ Sunshine Coast Queensland,​ beginning at​ Caloundra and extending to​ Cooloola,​ that is​ gateway to​ Fraser Island. the​ Sunshine Coast Queensland has a​ pristine coastline and lush hinterland and a​ superb cuisine. Whatever you​ are looking for adventure or​ a​ nice spot of​ sand to​ sit and ponder,​ the​ sunshine coast delivers. This coast is​ a​ holiday center for both couples and families.

Just to​ give some examples of​ the​ diversity,​ the​ kids can be kept happy fishing,​ visiting local attractions,​ canoeing or​ wandering around the​ markets. There are a​ variety of​ swimming spots provided by rivers,​ sheltered bays and beaches. you​ can take a​ quiet rainforest walk,​ play a​ round of​ golf or​ you​ can choose a​ romantic dinner by the​ sea or​ in​ the​ mountains.

The Sunshine Coast is​ an​ ideal place to​ relax,​ being a​ perfect mix of​ coast and country.
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