Travel In Bangkok How To Find The Right Transportation For Day Tour

Travel in​ Bangkok sometimes never easy for many of​ foreigner tourists as​ there are many kinds of​ public transportation available. Moreover you​ may find that if​ you​ want to​ go to​ some area that there is​ only one type of​ transportation could access to. Therefore,​ it​ is​ very essential for foreign tourists to​ study all of​ the​ details concern to​ transportation in​ Bangkok in​ order to​ save time of​ your travel and protect you​ from accidentally lost. the​ following article gives in-depth guide about public transport,​ which you​ can choose effectively to​ save your time and money. it​ is​ unlike kind of​ general guide that you​ can find anywhere else on​ the​ internet because this article was written by Thais who live in​ Bangkok for more than twenty years so you​ can rest assure that you​ will get information from an​ expert.

There are two types of​ the​ Mass Transit in​ Bangkok,​ the​ BTS SkyTrain service and the​ Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Subway service so they have simple map that you​ can understand easily but these types as​ the​ following are more complicated than the​ Bangkok Mass Transit.

1.Tuk Tuk (three-wheeled taxi)
For some of​ you​ who have already visited Bangkok for few times may be familiar with this kind of​ transport. They are a​ kind of​ non-air condition taxi,​ which you​ can ask them to​ take you​ to​ anywhere in​ Bangkok area. the​ most distinct advantage of​ using Tuk Tuk is​ the​ price is​ really cheap and you​ can negotiate for the​ fare before you​ decide to​ take it. the​ first rule of​ thumb of​ using Tuk Tuk is​ you​ MUST negotiate to​ get cheaper price and this is​ possible. Normally you​ can negotiate for up to​ 50 - 100 Baht less that what the​ driver offer,​ if​ the​ driver refuses to​ discount,​ do not waste your time with him,​ and just go for another one. However,​ by taking Tuk Tuk,​ apart from you​ can get cheaper price,​ it​ is​ also allows you​ to​ see outside environment when you​ travel so they are quite suitable for some of​ you​ who love open-air transport and enjoy Bangkok sightseeing. There are some cautions that you​ have to​ consider when using Tuk Tuk,​ you​ must choose the​ car that in​ good condition and has valid yellow registration plate. it​ is​ also possible to​ ask to​ see driving license of​ the​ driver in​ case of​ emergency and while Tuk Tuk is​ running,​ you​ should be careful and hold the​ rail of​ a​ car tightly,​ especially if​ you​ have your child,​ you​ must hold them with your body for safety while Tuk Tuk is​ running too.

2. Bus
It is​ quite common for Bankokians to​ take bus,​ but for foreign travellers,​ especially first time travellers to​ get confused. This is​ because there are almost five hundred bus lines throughout Bangkok. However,​ bus is​ the​ cheapest transport in​ Bangkok. There is​ information about Bangkok bus line available in​ tourist information center around Bangkok area. the​ disadvantage of​ bus transport is​ you​ have to​ know the​ name of​ destination that you​ are going to​ visit,​ so it​ seems to​ be very difficult for first visit travellers. Therefore,​ if​ you​ intend to​ use bus as​ you​ major transport,​ make sure that you​ study about bus routes,​ number as​ well as​ the​ name of​ destinations that you​ are going to​ visit.

3. Air-conditioned taxi
This is​ probably the​ most convenient way of​ transport and it​ is​ also cost a​ lot too. Fare is​ varied depends on​ the​ distance of​ your travel. the​ distance and fare will be automatically calculated by electronic meter so you​ do not have to​ ask for fare quote or​ make negotiations. All you​ have to​ do is​ know the​ name of​ destination and tell the​ driver.
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