Travel How To Make It Easier With Children

When you​ have kids,​ traveling by car can become a​ difficult part of​ your holiday. the​ most often heard "Are we there yet mum?" can drive you​ mad when asked for the​ five hundredth time in​ as​ many seconds.

The reason they keep asking is​ because they don't really have a​ fully developed sense of​ time. They might be genuinely afraid you​ are going to​ keep them in​ that car bored and tugging at​ their little sister forever. it​ might help to​ explain to​ them how long the​ whole trip will take by dividing the​ trip into sections. Add in​ that you​ are 20 minutes away from stopping at​ that place with the​ ducks and donkeys. Little milestones will make the​ journey and the​ concept of​ how far they need to​ go still - easier to​ digest.

The time in​ which you​ choose to​ drive can be carefully chosen to​ optimize sleeping time in​ the​ car. you​ can try leaving before sunrise and you​ will manage several hours of​ quiet driving time before they wake up and want entertainment. Some folks travel at​ night because everybody is​ sleeping. Not only do you​ get a​ peice of​ mind but you​ also save on​ the​ food budget. Plan the​ trip not to​ coincide with any major traffic surrounding holiday season at​ least to​ minimize time spent in​ the​ car. Take your food breaks during work traffic. People go to​ lunch around noon and get off of​ work between 4-5 pm. Plan to​ take your lunch and dinner breaks around this time since spending time in​ large amounts of​ traffic will obviously take longer to​ get to​ your destination.

There are some things you​ can do to​ make the​ ride a​ bit smoother and more fun for everyone. It's important to​ plan ahead when deciding to​ take a​ long car journey with your kids. Make sure the​ car is​ comfortably packed; keep the​ backseat clear so they have more space. Here are 5 surefire ways to​ keep your long car ride fun for kids:

1. Pack a​ goodie bag for each child filled with simple cheap toys that you​ think can keep them amused. Depending on​ their ages there some creative and inexpensive items that will keep them quiet and happy. Browse through the​ cheaper isle of​ the​ toy store.

2. Another good buy,​ speaking of​ inexpensive items,​ is​ a​ deck of​ cards (if you​ do not already own any). This is​ a​ great investment not only for the​ car ride but for the​ destination as​ well.

3. There are all kinds of​ listening materials available. you​ could buy some,​ borrow some from your local library or​ look around on​ the​ internet. Radio-productions and taped books can be a​ wonderful way to​ pass the​ time together in​ the​ car and enjoy a​ book together as​ a​ family.

4. the​ classic car journey activity is​ singing. And for a​ good reason too. Try to​ choose a​ CD that everyone will enjoy.
5. Coloring books,​ puzzles,​ crosswords and sticker books can be included in​ another goodie bag along with crayons to​ create hours of​ fun and more importantly quiet.

There are also all kinds of​ electronic portable gaming devices which are a​ fun way to​ pass the​ time. if​ you​ have a​ DVD player in​ your car you​ can stock up on​ a​ new DVD to​ keep them entertained and quiet. Remember the​ journey is​ part of​ the​ holiday so make it​ fun. Stop along the​ way and appreciate the​ sights. Use the​ opportunity to​ explore new places. Regular breaks will make the​ long trip easier on​ everyone. Pack a​ picnic and let your kids release their pent up energy.

The most important thing is​ to​ keep your activities varied. Alternate 30 minutes of​ card playing with some singing and then some coloring in. With some planning and creativeness you​ can make you​ car ride enjoyable for the​ whole family - and that's what vacations are about after all!
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