Travel Hotspots In Cornwall And Devon Tintagel St Ives And Penzance

It was a​ gentleman called Geoffrey of​ Monmouth who in​ 1150 started the​ legendary belief that the​ little town of​ Tintagel was the​ birthplace of​ the​ great King Arthur. This belief has been attached to​ Tintagel ever since,​ and indeed visitors still flock here still to​ catch a​ glimpse of​ the​ place where King Arthur may have been born.

The remains of​ Tintagel Castle are quite spectacular – set upon the​ steep cliffs overlooking the​ Atlantic ocean. It’s believed that King Arthur was born here while Merlin stood famously in​ a​ cave beneath the​ castle. This is​ Merlins Cave and visitors can view it​ when the​ tide is​ not high.

Aside from these ancient remains Tintagel has a​ 14th Century Post Office that represents an​ interesting side-visit for travellers.

After you’re done visiting the​ castle and post office,​ the​ town has a​ sleuth of​ tea rooms,​ pubs and souvenir shops to​ cater for the​ many visitors who come (mostly in​ summer).

St Ives

This magical little corner of​ Cornwall offers wonderful,​ sandy beaches,​ narrow cobbled streets and a​ delightful harbour area – an​ absolute joy for those wanting to​ discover “Classic Old England”.

St Ives also has very strong historical ties to​ the​ arts community – and testament to​ this can be found at​ the​ Barbara Hepworth Museum & Sculpture Garden. Just a​ few of​ the​ famous 20th century artists from St Ives include Barbara Hepworth,​ John Wells and Ben Nicholson. Those interested in​ art will also want to​ check out the​ Tate St Ives museum.

Art aside there’s plenty for the​ general tourist too – fine,​ sandy beaches and a​ myriad of​ wonderful shops and restaurants makes this a​ first class destination for those wanting to​ see the​ very best that Cornwall has to​ offer.

As you​ would expect,​ the​ good stretches of​ beach here makes it​ another popular location for surfers,​ Porthmeor being the​ pick of​ the​ bunch. Other good beaches in​ St Ives include Porthgwidden,​ Porth Kidney Sands,​ Windasea and Porthminster.

St Ives is​ a​ good base for a​ Cornwall holiday – there are lots of​ accommodation options to​ suit the​ budgets of​ all holidaymakers.


In South West Cornwall is​ the​ town of​ Penzance – like St Ives,​ Penzance also has a​ reputation for having been an​ artists haven (in the​ 19th century) and still boasts an​ interesting art gallery.

The climate in​ Penzance is​ wonderfully mild – you’ll see palm trees and other sub-tropical plant life in​ the​ beautiful Morrab Gardens (well worth a​ visit). It’s also possible to​ catch views of​ St Michaels Mount from this busy harbour town.

There are some nice shops and restaurants near the​ harbour and some other points of​ interest in​ Penzance include the​ Penlee House Gallery & Museum and the​ Trinity House National Lighthouse Centre. Also worth a​ look is​ the​ interesting 19th century building that is​ Egyptian House.

There is​ no shortage of​ affordable lodging if​ you’re looking to​ stay for a​ night or​ two in​ Penzance – there are many bed & breakfasts offering a​ fair stay for reasonable fees or​ you​ could stay in​ one or​ two of​ the​ higher end places such as​ the​ Abbey hotel.

Some two miles from Penzance is​ the​ pretty village of​ Mousehole - Many believe it​ to​ be one of​ the​ most attractive fishing villages to​ be found anywhere in​ Cornwall. One of​ the​ famous (if eccentric) dishes that mousehole is​ famous for is​ “Stargazy Pie” – a​ fish pie made with whole fish (and the​ heads sticking out of​ the​ pastry).

Also very close to​ Penzance is​ Newlyn – a​ little town that (aside from being a​ pleasant fishing port) is​ known best for art. Newlyn started to​ be a​ hub for artists towards the​ late 18th century and it​ was a​ little later that the​ Newlyn School of​ Art was opened.
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