Travel Hong Kong 12 Must See Places

Hong Kong features a​ diverse mixture of​ characters as​ a​ result of​ long British occupation and a​ great Chinese influence. as​ a​ state of​ China,​ Hong Kong provides a​ good introduction to​ who ever wants to​ know more about China without entering the​ mainland plus a​ venue for more attractions with western culture and Asian spirit.

1. Hong Kong Museum of​ Art – Located at​ 10 Salisbury Rd Tsim Sha Tsui,​ Kowloon,​ the​ Hong Kong Museum of​ Art is​ open to​ anyone who wants to​ take a​ glimpse of​ Hong Kong’s culture and history through its large collection of​ over 14,​000 items ranging from calligraphy,​ paintings,​ Hong Kong treasure,​ art objects,​ antiques,​ and lithographs. the​ museum is​ open from 10:00am-6:00pm daily except Thursday (public holidays not included).

2. Hong Kong Disneyland – the​ newly open and the​ first ever Disneyland in​ Asia offers total fun and excitement for the​ whole family. the​ park is​ divided into four major attractions: Tomorrowland,​ Adventureland,​ Fantasyland,​ and Main Street,​ USA.

3. Victoria Peak – Soaring 1810 feet above sea level,​ the​ Victoria Peak is​ premier destination for tourists who want to​ take a​ birds eye view of​ downtown Hong Kong,​ Kowloon,​ and Victoria Harbour. Go another step higher and take a​ 10-minute hike to​ the​ actual Victoria Peak.

4. Lantau Island – Travel Hong Kong and take a​ cruise around the​ waters of​ Lantau Island and watch pink dolphins that only live in​ this waters.

5. Ocean Park – Travel Hong Kong and visit Ocean Park. This is​ one Hong Kong attractions where you​ and your kids will have a​ great fun. the​ park is​ one big oceanarium containing Lowlands Gardens where pandas live,​ goldfish pagoda and butterfly house are located,​ Marine Land where atoll reef and shark aquariums are found,​ and Headlands amusement park where you​ can go and take a​ ride with cable cars and roller coasters.

6. Water World – Travel Hong Kong with kids would never be so much fun without taking a​ plunge on​ Water World. Enjoy wave pools,​ play area,​ and water slides.

7. Middle Kingdom – a​ miniature China that houses Chinese shrines,​ street scenes,​ temples,​ and palaces only at​ Middle Kingdom.

8. the​ Central district – if​ you​ travel to​ Hong Kong because you​ love to​ shop,​ you​ better go to​ the​ central Hong Kong district where big shopping malls and several Western designer and signature boutiques are located.

9. Lamma Island - if​ you​ want to​ see a​ different Hong Kong,​ try Lamma Island. it​ hosts several outdoor activities such as​ swimming and hiking. And if​ you​ love to​ taste fresh Hong Kong seafood in​ great dining ambiance,​ Lamma Island is​ still the​ preferred place to​ go.

10. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Sha Tin) – Located at​ New Territories,​ the​ Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery features Buddha in​ different poses and colors.

11. Hong Kong Space Museum – See what’s in​ store for you​ in​ the​ future at​ Hong Kong Space Museum. the​ complex offers hundreds of​ displays ranging from telecommunications,​ robotics,​ energy,​ computers,​ and physics with hands on​ experience that will keep you​ interested.

12. Wet Market – in​ Hong Kong,​ everything is​ fresh. And when they say fresh,​ they mean it. if​ you​ happen to​ travel Hong Kong to​ visit a​ friend or​ someone you​ know,​ come along when they go to​ wet market where the​ freshest among freshest seafood are for sale.
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