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One of​ my favorite travel games is​ chess. Okay,​ it's just one of​ my favorite games,​ and I have three-ounce set with a​ cloth board,​ so I can take it​ anywhere. the​ last time I used it​ was in​ the​ town center of​ a​ small pueblo in​ the​ Andes Mountains. the​ games below are primarily car travel games,​ but can be adapted to​ other forms of​ travel too. Have fun!

Educational Travel Games

Some games get you​ thinking,​ learning something,​ or​ at​ least showing off what you​ know. Here's one for the​ family. Have the​ driver,​ or​ another designated host,​ asks questions like "What temperature does water boil at?" or​ "What's the​ Capital of​ Columbia?" or​ "With sales tax of​ 7.6%,​ what's the​ total cost of​ a​ $23 sweater?" For the​ kids to​ love this one,​ you​ may have to​ pay twenty-five cents for each right answer.

Another car travel game starts with someone looking out the​ window and randomly selecting an​ object. Players then try to​ imagine a​ creative way to​ make money with it. Old barns become places to​ advertise,​ cows are rented out for kids parties,​ and an​ house that is​ being moved becomes a​ traveling discotheque.

"Red Car" Travel Games

Guess how many red cars will pass in​ the​ next ten miles or​ ten minutes. it​ can also be blue cars,​ trucks,​ or​ whatever everyone agrees to. It's considered bad form for the​ driver to​ slow down,​ letting more cars pass,​ so his guess will be the​ closest.

One classic travel game involves the​ alphabet. Try to​ spot something starting with an​ "a",​ and be the​ first to​ call it​ out ("apple tree!"). Since the​ Qs and Xes are difficult,​ they can be skipped. the​ player with the​ most "firsts,​" is​ the​ winner.

Using the​ radio,​ you​ can have a​ game in​ which everyone tries to​ be the​ first to​ call out the​ name of​ the​ artist when a​ song starts. Then change the​ station,​ so you​ don't have to​ wait through a​ whole song to​ continue the​ contest. in​ one car radio game,​ each player chooses a​ word. the​ player whose word is​ spoken (or sung) first on​ the​ radio is​ the​ winner.

Here is​ one you​ can play anywhere. Someone starts a​ story with a​ sentence or​ two,​ then each person in​ turn adds a​ line to​ the​ story. it​ can get personal,​ but this usually creates a​ story that has everyone laughing.

Try one of​ these on​ your next trip,​ especially if​ you​ have a​ car full of​ kids. They are easy,​ and unlike my chess game,​ you​ don't need anything but a​ few people to​ play these travel games.
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