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Traveling to​ China will immerse us not only to​ the​ top travel destinations. Instead,​ we can go through a​ lot of​ different cultures that symbolizes a​ long history and spans the​ age of​ the​ Chinese civilization. From the​ highlands of​ Tibet,​ the​ popularly known Silk Road and the​ Forbidden City,​ China has so much in​ its large nutshell.

The Great Wall of​ China

China being known for tourism can be attributed to​ its Great Wall. the​ Great Wall of​ China is​ one of​ the​ greatest wonders of​ the​ world and China’s greatest travel destination. the​ Great Wall winds up and through desert and mountains at​ an​ expanse of​ 6,​700 kilometers from the​ East to​ West of​ China. This wall was built to​ ward off Mongol invaders in​ the​ north.

Tourists traveling to​ China take in​ the​ history of​ the​ country with every step of​ the​ Great Wall. Now,​ different foreign tourist marvel at​ the​ Great Wall to​ a​ point of​ invasion making it​ an​ icon of​ all China’s travel destinations.

The Forbidden City of​ Beijing

In the​ heart of​ Beijing lies the​ Forbidden City. This top Chinese travel destination celebrates the​ history of​ different royalties of​ China. the​ palace contains exactly 9,​999 buildings. Tourists can view the​ Forbidden City behind each gates found on​ the​ four sides. Aside from that,​ tourists can go up the​ four towers found in​ the​ corners to​ view the​ buildings from the​ top. From this viewpoint,​ travelers can notice the​ symmetry of​ the​ buildings that coincide with Chinese architectural tradition known as​ Feng-Shui. as​ the​ symbol of​ the​ royal family,​ yellow is​ the​ dominant color of​ the​ Forbidden City. Foreign tourists to​ China can see the​ magnificent architecture,​ dainty paintings,​ and the​ grand halls.

The Silk Road

For foreign tourists who want to​ take in​ the​ economic tradition of​ China,​ they go to​ the​ famous Silk Road. it​ is​ the​ greatest trading route between the​ East and the​ West. the​ road is​ named after the​ product that is​ most traded between China and the​ West. the​ Silk Road is​ also the​ route of​ Marco Polo’s travel to​ China. Most importantly,​ it​ served as​ the​ route for knowledge exchange between Europe and China. Today,​ the​ Silk Road is​ reduced to​ dilapidated houses and structures in​ the​ middle of​ the​ desert. However,​ travelers will encounter different ethnic groups such as​ the​ Tibetans,​ Uigur,​ and the​ Mongolians. the​ value of​ the​ economic history of​ the​ Silk Road represents the​ merging of​ civilization that leaves a​ mark on​ the​ heart of​ a​ tourist traveling to​ China.
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