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Lijiang is​ an​ and quaint town in​ Yunan,​ a​ province of​ China which is​ well endowed with magnificent and beautiful mountains,​ rivers and a​ long history. the​ ancient Lijiang county was put into the​ list of​ world cultural legacy by the​ World Legacy Committee of​ the​ United Nations Education,​ Science and Culture Organization in​ 1997.

The city of​ Lijiang has a​ history of​ 800 years or​ 900 years dating from the​ Sung Dynasty. Why is​ Lijiang one of​ the​ most beautiful city in​ the​ world? Firstly,​ it​ is​ one of​ the​ very few city which is​ over a​ mile high above sea level. Smacked in​ the​ middle of​ the​ Lijiangba Dam,​ surrounded by snowcapped mountains and a​ river that runs through an​ oriental forest with small streams meandering into the​ town. Some tourists even called the​ town "Heaven on​ Earth".

Lijiang experienced an​ earth shattering 7 on​ the​ Richter scale earthquake on​ February 1996 which killed more than 5,​000 people mainly the​ Naxi community being the​ major community in​ Lijiang. Since then,​ Lijiang caught the​ attention of​ the​ world and tourism growth was unprecedented. as​ such,​ Lijiang is​ now one of​ the​ most favoured tourist travel destination in​ China.

Most residents in​ Lijiang are of​ the​ Naxi tribe. the​ Naxi community makes a​ living by herding yaks and doing small retail businesses. the​ construction of​ the​ ancient Lijiang city was quickly developed in​ the​ Ming Dynasty. This is​ especially so because the​ Ming Dynasty made a​ large number of​ people in​ Anhui Province to​ migrate into Lijiang in​ order to​ station military troops and common people in​ the​ boundary areas.

As a​ result of​ this mass migration,​ the​ buildings of​ Lijiang ancient city were very much influenced by the​ architectural style of​ Anhui Province. the​ original buildings of​ the​ Naxi community can only be found in​ the​ rural areas surrounding Lijiang City.

The Yuan dynasty and the​ Mongol Emperor then,​ Kublai Khan stationed military troops in​ Lijiang in​ 1253. He brought the​ foreign culture alien to​ Lijiang and thus Lijiang was then influenced by the​ culture Central China,​ such as​ Buddhism and Taoism,​ and then affected by the​ Christianity and Islamic culture in​ the​ early 1900s. the​ Naxi community assimilated all these cultures. as​ such,​ Lijiang is​ also very much appreciated for its cultural landscape not only in​ China,​ but the​ entire Asia.

Millions of​ tourists travel to​ Lijiang each year to​ enjoy Lijiang's primitive simplicity,​ tranquility and elegant culture.The folks at​ Lijiang enjoy music too. you​ can hear the​ beautiful music from the​ dwelling houses in​ Dayanzhen Town. the​ musicians carry their often home made musical instruments to​ take part in​ household parties all over the​ town.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in​ Lijiang is​ perhaps one the​ most beautiful mountain range in​ the​ world,​ famous for its perilous,​ beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. the​ mountain is​ a​ world class tourist scenic spot. the​ peak of​ the​ Jade Dragon Mountain is​ some 5596 meters (about 17,​000 ft) above sea level. the​ mountain's thirteen peaks viewed from south to​ north look just like a​ flying giant Chinese dragon. a​ very formidable view indeed.

So if​ you​ are travelling to​ China,​ don't miss the​ quaint city of​ Lijiang.
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