Travel Checklist For Cheap Airfare

You'll find that with each travel excursion you'll need checklists. And more checklists. Each trip gets a​ standard checklist & a​ relative one.

A short weekend trip to​ Niagra falls doesn't require a​ passport,​ or​ does it. you​ may want to​ go into Canada to​ see the​ Falls from the​ other side. you​ checklist would have covered this.

You want to​ fly to​ vegas for the​ weekend. break out the​ checklists. First,​ book a​ flight. you​ live in​ a​ time when you​ can now book flight from the​ comfort of​ you​ own home. Book online. Try every site at​ least once throughout the​ year. I like to​ find out of​ the​ way consolidator sites. They tend to​ have cheaper fares because the​ buy in​ bulk. the​ beauty of​ these sites is,​ not only are they cheap,​ they are like have a​ hidden travel treasure. Sites like or​ have great names that say exactly what they do.

This is​ an​ example of​ why you​ need to​ use multiple sites to​ find airfare. Fares vary from hour to​ hour and it's a​ competative business. That's good for us.

So here's my cheap airfare checklist:

* Choose a​ destination.
* Get to​ a​ computer & get online.
* Go to​ any search engine & type in​ "cheap airfare."
* look through the​ results & choose 10 sites. Bookmark all 10,​ organize in​ travel folder. you​ don't have to​ use all ten right away. Just have the​ reference available for future use.
* get 5 quotes for your proposed flight from 5 different sites. (3 major names,​ and 2 minor consolidators)
* choose your best fare.
* if​ you​ are not in​ rush,​ keep looking. Fares change hourly.

Below is​ a​ generic Travel checklist. Modify this list to​ your pesonal needs. Modify it​ to​ your types of​ travel.


* Passport
* Visa if​ needed
* Health Documentation
* Transportation Tickets
* Frequent Flyer Cards
* Emergency Information
* Insurance
* Hotel Reservations
* Traveler’s Checks
* Currency (both local and American)
* Credit Cards
* Guide Books and Maps (X)
* Trip Cancellation/ Medical


* Copies of​ Passport,​ ID and Documents
* Special Event Reservations

Travel Gear

* Main Travel Bag (Duffle/Luggage,​ etc.)
* Packing Accessories (clothes,​ small stuff and toiletries)
* Security (Passport carrier,​ luggage locks/ tags)
* Document Organizer
* Everyday Bag

Everyday Basics

* Travel Clothing
* Raincoat/ Umbrella
* Travel Footwear
* Visor or​ Brimmed Hat
* Camera,​ binoculars (scopes) (X)
* Radiation Shield for Film
* Video Camera,​ Tapes
* CD/ Cassette Player
* Electric/ Phone Converters
* Travel Alarms
* Language Books
* Reading Materials
* Address Book
* Travel Journal
* Pen/ Pencil
* Scarf/ Bandana
* Games/ Playing Cards
* Snacks
* Hand Sanitizer/ Towlettes
* Travel Neck Pillow
* Eye Shade/ Ear Plugs
* Portable Door Lock
* Tissues/ Toilet Paper
* Keys

Maintenance Items

* Flashlight Batteries/ Bulbs (X)
* Matches or​ Lighter (X)
* Extra Batteries
* Sewing/ Repair Kit
* Duct Tape
* Travel Iron or​ Steamer
* Sink Stopper for Hotel Sinks
* Zip-Close Plastic Bags

Travel Health

* Travel Health Booklet
* Pain Reliever/ Aspirin (X)
* Cold Medicine (X)
* Contact Lens Items
* Diarrhea Medicine
* Motion Sickness Medicine
* Laxative
* Insect Protection (X)
* Sun Protection (X)
* Antibiotic Cream
* Malaria Medication
* Personal Hygiene Items
* Personal Prescriptions
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