Travel Central America

Travel Central America

Sandwiched between the​ Pacific Ocean and the​ Caribbean Sea,​ Central America offers travelers the​ opportunity to​ visit one of​ the​ world’s most amazing ecological and cultural destinations. Central America is​ home to​ beautiful jungles,​ sandy beaches,​ waterspouts like surfing and SCUBA diving,​ and some of​ the​ western hemispheres most hospitable resort destinations.

While Central America has experienced a​ tumultuous past that includes colonial exploitation and violent uprisings,​ travelers who visit today will experience relative safety. For those visitors who choose to​ travel South America,​ each country offers a​ unique experience that will engage and entertain them.

Check out the​ following countries and attractions when you​ travel South America:

By far,​ the​ most stable country in​ Central America,​ Belize was created for travelers seeking a​ Caribbean flavor with a​ mainland location. in​ fact,​ most visitors agree that Belize has more in​ common with islands of​ the​ Caribbean than with its more volatile Central American neighbors. Home to​ a​ 180 mile long barrier reef,​ Belize is​ a​ SCUBA and snorkeling enthusiasts dream.

Despite its reputation for social and political repression,​ travelers flock to​ the​ Central American country of​ Guatemala in​ an​ effort to​ see its natural wonders. Huge volcanoes and the​ regions highest concentration of​ Mayan ruins draw visitors to​ this turbulent nation.

El Salvador:
With the​ civil war of​ the​ 1980’s long over,​ El Salvador is​ now transformed into a​ traveler-friendly destination with huge natural volcanoes. Travelers should certainly visit places like the​ Montecristo Cloud Forest,​ which receives over 80 inches of​ rain annually,​ and the​ capital city of​ San Salvador.

Honduras may appear to​ be a​ true banana republic,​ but travel there is​ easy,​ enjoyable and inexpensive. the​ slow pace,​ natural beauty and low-profile tourism make it​ particularly appealing to​ travelers who enjoy getting off the​ beaten track.

This troubled Central American nation is​ rebuilding after years of​ war. Travelers are drawn there by its wondrous natural landscapes and vast natural treasures.

Costa Rica:
Known as​ the​ most stable and ecologically stunning nation in​ Central America,​ Costa Rica is​ the​ most successful tourist destination in​ the​ region. By embracing a​ very progressive attitude towards the​ preservation of​ the​ environment,​ visitors who travel Costa Rica can experience the​ amazing natural wonders of​ the​ Central American region. With miles of​ beautiful coastline on​ both the​ Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea,​ Costa Rica provides surfing and snorkeling for its guests. the​ rain forest of​ inland Costa Rica is​ home to​ monkeys,​ sloths,​ crocodiles and exotic birds as​ well as​ some rare and endangered plant species,​ as​ well.

Except for the​ world famous Canal that bears the​ country’s name,​ Panama is​ largely overshadowed by its neighbors as​ a​ popular destination for Central American travelers. Those who do choose to​ visit Panama will be enthralled by numerous natural and cultural wonders that should not be overlooked. Visitors should be sure to​ experience the​ nation’s native birds and the​ thrill of​ off-shore deep-sea fishing.
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